The Source Code review

This comes to dvd and blu ray on July 26th

Plot-Duncan Jones follow up to Moon is about Colter Stevens a soldier who wakes up from an alternative reality to find out he is trapped in a government experiment called The Source Code. He is forced to go back in time for 8 minutes to relive the final minutes on a train before the bomb goes off. He has to find out who is responsible for this and stop them. Because, the train is just a start..the bomber is targeting more than just that train. While he is struggling with this, he also is questioning what he is doing, and what has become of his reality.

Review-If Hitchcock put out a film this year, this would definitely be it. It is hard to believe this is only Duncan Jones’s 2nd film. This film felt like if you mixed Groundhog Day and the Matrix. This film is just one big adrenaline rush. The shocker, you feel for Jake Gyllenhaal’s character. I mean he wakes up one day and does not know he is part of a experiment. He has no clue about what could have put him in this place or what is going on. He has only 8 minutes to change a fate that he is racing against time to stop. A bomber is bringing a bomb into the city to make the whole place rubble and kill millions. Each time he goes back for the 8 minutes he is supposed to get clues and hints as to who could do this and why. Along the way, he has a love interest. Christina. He wakes up each time as her boyfriend who died in the original crash.

Each time he comes out of the alternative reality, he deals with Colleen who needs him to concentrate and get the bomber but as the film goes on she starts feeling for him and what he is going thru. This film really had no wasted moments. Each trip back on this train to stop the bomber gets more exciting than the last. Where he runs into situations like paranoia of not knowing who the bomber is, or freaking out that he cannot figure it out and scaring the other people on the train. When he finds the bomb, is when it gets more interesting. He knows it is phone triggered. Someone calls the bomb and it explodes. Now, he is watching who makes the call before the time is up. Each time, he is getting closer and closer..the bomber is getting closer to the city. Good stuff.

This was a shocker. I know a lot of people are going to love Moon more for Sam’s standout performance. I really think this blows away Moon. Not so much for a standout performance, but because it was the proper mix of suspense, action, sci fi and all around better story. I am dying to see what Duncan can do next. Talk about a future.

8.5 out of 10