The Reef review

Coming to home video July 19th…

Before I tell you plot and review, I want to say I am stoked about this film. I am a die hard shark horror fan. And I was a fan of Black Water.

Plot-A great white shark hunts the crew of a capsized sailboat along the Great Barrier Reef

Review-this is from the director of Black Water. The movie focuses on 5 characters, 3 guys and 2 women. The boat hits a reef and gets capsized. They decide they cant survive too long and the boat is sinking. So 4 go and 1 of the guys stays on the capsized boat to take his chances. The movie has the Open Water feel. If you liked that movie, you will like this one. The movie plays against the fear of being in the middle of the ocean and freaking out to each noise. The movie has some very tense scenes. The turtle scene was so eerie. One of the people swimming to retrieve their floatie, has possibly the most surreal scene I ever seen in any shark movie. As the character grabs the floatie device and goes back to the other 3…a shark fin is racing towards the person and only the other 3 see it.
The characters are likable and believable so you buy into this struggle. The shark scenes in the movie are more brutal than Open Water. There is a lot of tense moments, that you think one thing will happen, and they will tease it. And, its a false alarm. Then, try it again and this time you don’t think its going to happen, and they surprise you. The scene where the guy on the boat sees the shark is so fucked up. How would you feel you have 4 friends about 10 or so miles away swimming and all of a sudden you see a shark going their way. A movie like this works more psychologically than physically, the fear of the unknown. You are defensiveness against a enemy who could be anywhere at anytime. I really liked this movie. It gave me a tense fucked up experience.

8 out of 10