The Creepy Doll–film review


Big Biting Pig Production
directed by PJ Woodside
93 minutes

Plot-This is a story about a married couple Jason and Kate. They go back to Jason’s hometown to settle down. Kate is pregnant, and we learn she has this doll collection. Seems normal enough, but one of these dolls is creepy. Should we be worried?

Review-Last year, almost every critic I know got on the rooftops and sang the praises of Hell is Full. They took a staple in horror films..the zombie and re invented it. This is what Walking Dead should have been. I will go even one further, this is what Zombieland tried to be. What it lacked in gore and special made up for with amazing storytelling and very detailed characters. There is not one genre fan who can play this film and guess where it is heading and what will happen. This was the litmus paper as to what indie films are becoming. Now, here we are July 2011, and we have another BBPP film and so far all the critics are trying to get their asses back on the rooftop to sing the praises. But, I am starting to question what critics are wanting from this studio. I mean, the film itself is not too bad, it is a good little thriller that I will get into, but it feels that there is no growth or wanting to test the waters with them. They have the same actors and actresses, and the same backgrounds. I can close my eyes and tell you who is in this film and what roles they will play. And that as well written the film will be, it just seems like the other projects in terms of no growth or willingness to change. Go to NY, Alaska, Beirut-change it up for us fans and get some new faces and see what they can offer.
Again, I can be like the other critics..The Creepy Doll is well written, smart and very fun. They injected new blood into another tired genre. PJ Woodside great storyteller, amazing detailed director. She pays so much attention to each scene, like if you are not all over looking for things you may be missing something. Steve Hudgins, Cindy Maples, Randy and etc..are all talented and really give this a good dose of what we come to love from the BBPP family but, I just think they really need to go outside of their comfort zone. Kentucky, and local talent, friends, the mayor..They seem like a flower trying to grow in concrete. And I think this is what alienates fans with indie films. They feel like they do not belong to the film, or that this film was more of favors than talent. And it is sad, because if you were to pick up a title from BBPP you would be entertained, and find out some of these indie film complaints are bullshit.
The Creepy Doll has the feel of a made for tv 70’s thriller/horror film. And PJ knows her positives and she makes them shine. That is to build a film, create suspense, and make each character not what they seem. That is the one thing I loved about this film, from Cindy Maples playing the mother in law, to Steve Hudgins to even the main two stars….no one is who they seem to be, or are they. It is almost like a nod to Hitchcock more than Child’s Play. And PJ, does not let us off easy she injects this film with Jason’s ex, and a back-story about Kate and her family, and her doll obsession that create some really interesting scenes. Being that I have a weird relationship with my in laws, the Cindy Maples character really was so honest and true as to what some of us get off our mother in laws. We all have that person in our life we feel we did nothing wrong to, and go out of way to impress them or make them feel good, and we feel they do not accept us and get more out of their words than maybe what they may mean. Jason’s ex Samantha, I do not know..she should have been more manipulative and smarter. And to think of how the other characters are written in this film, this was the one you would have thought should have been over the top and instead she seemed like the waste of opportunity. The Kate character though, I felt was like watching 2 different people at all times. A Jeckyl and Hyde. She was not only over the top but played it so smart. This film blurs the line between who is a victim or victimizer.
Her obsession with these dolls was interesting. And, there are some really intense moments with her and the dolls. Which seem like a nod to Anthony Hopkins in Magic. And when her husband is wondering, just who did I marry..the movie shifts gears into more darker territory. Which, for PJ you can tell she just wanted to let loose and give you guys a last half hour that delivers on the title and tag line. And around the 40 ish minute mark, was it just me or were there a lot of nods to Hell is Full. Esp. with PJ’s little cameo. If you are new to this brand, you should notice I used the word own..Hell is Full. The Creepy Doll wel this could be your 2nd buy. It does not let down, and BBPP live up to their own rep. again. But, I just think it is time to maybe grow and maybe see how they can hang with new talent and locations.
And to think I went thru this whole review, and never mentioned the obvious..yes BBPP fans–Steve Hudgins is back to his old tricks. He has a scene where he makes out with one of the females.  I am almost shocked he did not dry hump the doll.
7.5 out of 10