Movie Review-Stake Land ( 2010)

Coming to dvd and blu ray on August 2nd

Plot-Jim Mickle’s follow up Mulberry Street is told thru the eyes of a teenage boy named Martin. After being saved by a man only known as Mister, while his parents were being killed by vampires. Martin and Mister are on a quest to get a place called New Eden. Along the way they pick up a few hitchhikers and deal with both vampires and ” the brotherhood”, which are like a cannibalistic tribe. And, when Mister kills two of the tribe when they try to attack a helpless nun, now they have more trouble then bargained for on this trip.
Review-In the last 30 years it seems like cinema has a love affair with the post-apocalyptic world and scenarios that could arise from it. This film is told thru the eyes of Martin. In almost a nod to Zombieland, the storytelling was almost identical to an extent. Not so much to say it ripped it off, but enough to know they had inspiration. The first few minutes of the film, we learn that Martin while chasing his dog outside to catch him, is suddenly grabbed and mouth held by a man he comes to know as ” Mister”. His parents are brutally attacked by a vampire, and now Mister is his father figure. Thru this journey, Mister mentors Martin on how to survive and defend himself. Along their journey they see a nun being attacked by two people who are part of a tribe of cannibalistic people called ” the brotherhood”. Well, in defending the nun, one of the guys is killed and the other one escapes to die once he tells his leader what happened. Now, beside fighting vampires they now have a brotherhood after them.
They also come across a few more people that sort of joins them, one being a soldier who was about to be killed by the brotherhood and a pregnant girl played by Danielle Harris. The goal is to get to New Eden, and survive.
This film had some amazing gore. A lot of blood and really violent death scenes. There was a scene where they thought they got to a safe place and within minutes the christians were in helicopters throwing vampires down to kill them all. Talk about some great looking vampires. There is a scene with a little girl vampire, that Martin does not want to kill.. What a great scene, it was almost sad to an extent. That you have an innocent person who does not know what happened to her. Like, Mulberry Street, the pacing in this film was so uneven. You have, stop..go, hit the brakes, hit the gas. And it almost felt like each scene, you would get kill, speech and then a drive..and more dialogue and speech..and more drive..then kill, and repeat it again. Some of the characters I did not mind, some of the dialogue I did not mind. But, it just got to be so repetitive close to the end.
All in all, this is no Daybreakers or Zombieland..but it was a good trip that had a few bumps and potholes but was not too bad.
7.75 out of 10