Somebody’s Hero–film review



directed by Darin Beckstead

93 minutes



Plot-This is a story about Dennis Sullivan. He is just your ordinary CPA. At work he is virtually ignored and non existent and one day he gets  the break of his life. Rich widow Katie Wells is someone the firm of Equity Capital wants to handle. So, Dennis is the liason who is trying to get Katie to sign paperwork, and thru this process he meets her son Jake. Who has a superhero fixation. Man America is the only thing that speaks to Jake, since the death of his dad. Noone and nothing else can seem to get thru to him. So Dennis one night on his way home, decides to go into a costume store and buy the Man America costume and would’nt you know, that is the night they get robbed while he is in the dressing room. Well Dennis stops this crime, and next thing you know he becomes the city’s new hope and all over the media.


Review-This film was a combination of The Great American Hero and a after school special. I am pleasantly surprised by how much I got into this film. This film taught lessons without preaching. And, was not overly heavy handed with its message or subject matter. It did not go for the sappy route, it went for the smart one. You watch Jake, and he is so disconnected from his friends, as in the first scene when someone is waving to him and he ignores them for the love of playing with his superhero figure. And, when Dennis comes in to their life, how fast Jake just wants someone to accept him and be there for him. And then there is Jake, the film shows us he is this nobody, ignored by his co workers. When someone who sits beside him gets fired and does not even remember his name, you see that Dennis is in search of a greater good in his life. Katie, who is so scared that her and her son will get hurt again, and her overly protected stand against Dennis wanting to just play ball with her son. It was like the characters were given mission statements and told how to present their message without going overboard.


There is the evil boss, who is only out for her and the firm’s own good..and the questionable media of the superhero and his antics. This film was like the feel good film that you just knew whatever happened it would be solved and everyone will be happily ever after. This is that film a family can watch together and tell your kids about things like coping with death, and that heroes are all of us. Anyone can be a hero. I had a fun time with this little family film. I would highly recommend any family with young kids to watch this and do not use this as a babysitter, sit and watch it with them.


8 out of 10


  • Timothy

    I can’t wait to see this! I heard it just came out in South Africa…. when is it going to come out in the US !??