Solitary review

Plot-What is wrong with Sara? Is she quickly going insane, or are people around her conspiring againist her. Today is her birthday, her husband and her are having a normal day but the next day she wakes up and her husband has disappeared. She starts to hear things and imagine things. Her psychicatrist has a radical new therapy he thinks can help her. But, she does not think the doctor is who he says he is. Down the hall is a spare room, a room that since her husband Mark has been gone has remained lock. What is in this room? And why can’t Sara leave her house?

Review-I want to try something different with this review. I want to break it down into 3 sections. And give you guys a take on the parts instead of solely about the sum.

The first 30 minutes. The film starts off normal enough. Mark her husband, I did not like the actor playing him. I mean I never seen the guy in my life but with his accent and just the way he was, he annoyed and bored me. To me, when Sara was normal in the first was just boring.

I thought about many times just shutting off the movie and blasting it. But, I was patient with it. All I know at this point, her husband was home on her birthday and the next day he vanished. And she freaks out every time she goes outside like something is coming to get her, or causing her panic attacks. Which is never explained fully. That her and her sister have a not so loving relationship. That Sara needs a shrink.

The 2nd 30 minutes. The film changed. The shrink gives her a pill, and after she takes it..things for her begin changing. Either she is losing her mind, or people are conspiring againist her. We discover there is a spare room that since Mark left has never been opened. And this film has some cool bump in the night scenes that really were fun and worked. Her phone lines are cut, and she is hearing and seeing things. We then find out that her husband, Sara is not sure how long he has been missing. She loses track of days and time. We learn that she inherits 2 million dollars. And now her biggest fear, these people are trying to drive her crazy so that her sister and Mark can get the money prehaps? This 30 minutes really packed quite a few punches and thank god did not go for the obvious in certain scenes.

And the final 30. This was good and bad. You start to put together the pieces, and then you discover it is not the right puzzle. So you try and put together the pieces again. This film towards the end tried to outsmart itself, it seemed like at times it confused itself and the actors. When it became obvious what the deal was, it was like the film said ” ok you figured it..we should end instead of further trying to get your attention with a well thought out ending. The ending was harmless, but after going thru the hour I expected something really creative and smart. And I got something that seemed put together on the fly.

This is hard, knowing what I know…I would love to go back and watch it again..just to see if i missed any hints or clues. But, it could have been so much better, with only a little more time and thought.

6.55 out of 10