Predators a 2nd review

The very first movie I reviewed when I got my start was Predators. I thought it has been a year and I decided to rewatch it and give a second take. Let us start on my original review.

Directed by Nimrod Antal
106 mins

Plot: Dropped into the jungle on a distant planet. A group that consists of military and killers must find out why they are there. Soon they discover they are being hunted. What exactly are they up against and how can they stop it?

Review: I want to say I am one of the few fans who enjoyed both the Alien vs. Predator movies. They were not classics or groundbreaking, but they were ok. When I first heard about this movie, I was excited. The trailer looked amazing. ( mild spoiler a certain cool scene from the trailer was not in the movie) 1 hour and 46 mins later, it was a different story. As horror fans we bite the bullet a lot and studios know this, they probably have board meetings and say” the die hards will support this no matter what buzz it gets good or bad” This should have been a direct to dvd movie. It was a cheap attempt to cash in on a franchise that has really been beaten to death. Lets talk about the positives first. 1.There is a cool scene that involves Topher Grace and flares that was cool. I am struggling here for another positive that made me like the movie. The negatives. 1.The Predators looked so hokey. 2.the fight scenes esp. the sword fight. 3.the script and the actors, speaking of which what purpose did Laurence Fishburne have in this movie? He looks like when he was in the Matrix with Neo he found a Pizza Hut. This is Predators. Where were the awesome fight scenes and the kills. Where were the one liners? This movie is 30 mins of Wild Kingdom and 1 hour and 16 mins more of I should have seen Inception.

1.5 out of 10
I am being so beyond generous

That was July 2010..this is July 2011 and my second look at this to see if I was too hard on it

I am a Predator fan. I am not someone going into this film hating it. I am rooting for it to entertain me. The first time I was so letdown. This time on home video, I do not know..I kinda liked it a little bit more. To me, the problem with this film is just the fact that they skimped on the Predators and awesome fight scenes. It is Predator, where is the all out violence? This film just felt so tame. Even the PG13 AVP had more action. This film tried to be a well acted Predators. We fans are not going to see these films for some King’s Speech dialogue. We are going for the gore, the horror, and violence. By now, everyone who wanted to see it, has one way or another seen it and either agrees or disagrees with my hate and dislike. Even the trailer was misleading. Something I did enjoy this time was the feeling and look of the island, place they were on. As a whole, I like the semi twist in the film a little more this time around. I just hope this is the end of this franchise unless you got someone who fully has their heart into making the true Predator film all of us fans want. A year later, I will give it above a 1.5 but still by no means do I recommend this.

3.75 out of 10