Palace of Stains movie review


directed by Bob Moricz

running time 1 hour and 10 mins


Plot-I will make this simple, but when you read the review you will see this film is not so simple. It is about 3 rival families who wage war on each other.


Review-A month ago, I got a email from someone who was telling me about this guy named Bob Moricz. In this email, they were comparing this guy to John Waters in the early 70’s. That he is creating some fucked up experimental films and shorts. That he has such a bizarre way of telling a story that I would not be bored by them and would get into it and brag a lot. This film was even too weird for me. But, you know what..I never seen a film quite like this before. When I saw the premise I thought immediately this would be his hatfield’s and mccoy’s or Romeo and Juliet, but you know what Bob is a little smarter than the average indie director. He created something so visually odd and different. The only words I can think of is…what did I just watch?

This film is almost split in three, with each family getting at least one third of the time. Now bare with me, I am going to share with you to the best of my ability what I got out of this film. First off, I see the Waters comparisons. Bob is a gutsy, no bullshit director and his film showed that. The first part is the House of Montgomery. Which we learn is about this guy who is in debt to a turkish gangster. So they capture his son, and sell him as a sex slave to the queen. What worked for me, was that the son was like..” why do I want to leave”. Then we fast forward to family 2…and the oddest of them all– the House of Cosgrove. There was this car wreck, and his wife died and he is wrapped up like the invisible man meets the mummy. And now that they all think he may or may not die, all his family want to kiss his ass now. This was really cold blooded, and just dark. The daughters were all wanting him dead or to kill him themselves and to hear him talk to them…what a great family time. Oh those memories of sundays in the park…there is some scenes in this part of the film, that really were so odd, yet disturbingly appealing. Esp. the reverse one night stand.

Then we go to the best of the three…the House of Grieper. This to me was worth the price of admission. From the two rednecks who do some idiotic things, to one of the most bizarre rape scenes and not knowing who was the victim or the victimizer. And the religious family and their satanic neighbors. From some of the most uncomfortable humor, that you sit there and know it is meant to be funny but scared that you will hate yourself for laughing. This experiment is definitely in need of a term…” inventive indie”. It was like they were doing it on the fly and just coming up with dialogue or scenes to one up the last scene. As a whole, this film is just bizarre. I did not hate it. It is a taste for the perverse. John Waters would be proud…This film you can tell was loosely inspired by Female Trouble. I can see people loving this film, and also hating it. But one thing is for sure, you will not be bored by this film.

7 out of 10

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  • Bob

    Thank you so much for such a great review! Much appreciated. Please keep the eyeballs popping, the limbs lopping, the blood flowing, and the metal thrashing on! I am a big fan of your no b.s. approach.