Music Review-Queensryche-Dedicated to Chaos

This is sad. A lot of critics do not get fazed by trashing something, this one is personal. I got into Queensryche in 1986 when I first heard Rage for Order. I remember the video for Gonna get close to you was on headbangers ball. And I have proudly supported them ever since. But, since guitarist Chris Degarmo left the band in the mid 90’s..I have to admit, they have put out some bad music. Then, in the late 90’s came the rumors Geoff Tate was trying out to be the singer for Journey and working on solo music. At this point in their career, does it really matter anymore. There is no more Metal Edge, Metal Maniacs, RIP, Circus and Hit Parader to get us excited about that upcoming cd or have that interview that pumps us for the next cd. I always thought to myself if Empire came out this year and not 1990, would it have meant the same. Cause that was the double edge sword. When accoustic rock took off. You had Mr Big-To be with you..and you had Extreme More than words..Saigon Kick-Love is on the way and then Queensryche Silent Lucidity, plus many others. When I first heard they did a Operation Mindcrime sequel, I have to admit..I was stoked. I thought this would be the return of the mighty Reich…oh god was I wrong. Not even Dio could save that cd. I mean let me look at all the cds they put out in the last 10 years…Q2K, dreadful…Take Cover..quite possibly the worst cd ever made…Operation 2…pathetic sad cash in..and now Dedication to Chaos…the new cd, it feels like I am forgetting some but that is ok..they sucked as well. Keep in mind, I am a Queensryche fan. I have Empire, Rage, Hear and Promised Land in my ipod.


Dedicated to the sign of a band that needs to just quit. And I think they know this as well, and like a bad actor in need of work, they will just put their name on anything just to have a cash flow coming in. Actually the sign was when Degarmo called it a day, they should have just disbanded and saved us these bad cds. And the sad part people are still buying them. I have seen the Reich live and they deliver live. They did a solid 3 hour set with 2 opening acts and did Mindcrime all the way thru. I am supposed to be reviewing this cd, but I cannot bring myself to do feels like picking on a handicapped person at this point. They know how bad they suck now. They cannot be that clueless to know this is not good..they do a rap like song…oh god, Geoff is over 50 and he can rap. What next, Jay Z doing death metal with Decide?


My thing is this, Empire was the cd that afforded this band the career they have. And now here we are 21 years later and this is how they want to be remembered. As a has been band that cannot come to terms with what it’s legacy is and what they should be doing right now. Take Cover, I have been a metal fan and music fan in general for almost 35 years and that is the worst cd I ever listened to in my life. And this is a band I am a fan of. If you like or love this band, buy the first 4 records and then just give up cause they did.


Dedicated to Chaos just sucks…I refuse to even admit I listen to it. Geoff Tate, I was your biggest fan and Queensryche have 2 of my top 40 cds ever. Do a Greatest Hits tour and just stop punishing the fans…I am begging Geoff, just stop.