Movie Review-The Infected



directed by: Adam Dunning

87 mins


Plot-As told by Adam Dunning…When a small town gets a stress call, regarding a code red terrorist attack. They have something worse coming for them. Bringing a young couple closer, how far will they go to protect those who they love. From this apocalypse of zombies taking over the world


Review-This is a true indie film. Most films these days cost upwards to 150k and say they are indie. But, this film is what true indie film making is all about. You know a small film like this has such a upward battle to connect with a crowd. And, you feel for it. This film was the perfect example of 60-40. There was 60 percent I was really ok with, but 40 percent that maybe anything negative would come across as cold or picking on. I will focus more on the 60 percent I was cool with. I loved the gore. This has some really good blood and gore moments. Better than it has any right to be. I am thinking either they had a background in special effects or got someone to offer help, or got someone known on the cheap. Whatever the case, this film has much better blood work than most films at the theater. While the zombies were sort of hokey, they were effective from the viewpoint of how this film was shot. If this came on HBO at 3am with no intro, you would think this was really happening almost. The newscasters were believable.


There is a fight scene in the woods with one of the main characters John and a few zombies, that lasted about 2 minutes and was so fun and pure cheese. I laughed so much and that scene alone, all of you gorehounds would watch it and get a laugh out of it. It was just so ridiculous and over the top that it worked in a totally different way. And another scene in the woods that involves John and his sister, that was supposed to be a tender moment that really was more fun, than sad. Just from the acting standpoint. It was not believable and almost so utterly overacted, that I laughed and had fun with it.


There was this scene with the family in the hospital, and that 10 minutes to me was so boring. And closer to the end, it sort of starts to drag. But, I have to give kudos, for anyone with this little budget that just goes for it. This film really had fun. And as a horror film, it was ok to a point..but if you were drinking or stoned, this film would be some laughs and fun. I need to watch this film again when I take into one of those vices and see if the film gains anything. I would definitely say, I have seen better…true. But, you know what I have seen a lot lot worst..and this film would be a cool rental for the light hearted horror fan who likes to make fun of the genre. This film is almost like a Spinal Tap zombie film. It is worth the rental to watch it.