Movie Review-Midnite Mausoleum presents The Italian Zombie movie part 2 review


A few weeks ago, I reviewed the first half of Summer Camp.


This is part 2. It is the Italian Zombie Film-Zombie Atrocity. What this is, the Midnite Mausoleum girls do like a Elvira thing and host a show that they do the in between stuff while we watch a film. Robyn and Marlena have proven time after time they can carry a show, but to me the Summer Camp stuff was so slapstick and foolish, that maybe this could be a idea for a recurring show. They got Italian Zombie director Thomas Berdinski in his Sascratch suit and Grimms playing against them in a series of sporting events, that make the common person feel like a 5 star athlete. But, where the show has a flow and a chemistry that the die hards are digging, I am more about what can un balance them and make them react on the fly. True creativity is not what a script can give you, or what you plan out. It is about coming up on the fly and making something out of nothing. On paper, this just seems like a doomed idea, but it works. And to me, it would make a new person a fan. There is just something to be said about two beautiful women playing with water guns and water balloons with a guy who could not even keep up the grim reaper look and a grown man in a sasquatch like character. Read what I just wrote and close your eyes, it is just silly.


Onto the film, I wont talk too much about things in this film just in case you have not seen part one. I want to talk about Thomas. Do I cheerlead for people..sure, why lie. I am a fan of anyone who can go DIY with absolutely no budget and turn up something that I found to be fun. When you guys think of zombie films, you think what Fulci, Romero…come on, this is on a 0 budget. That is not a fair assessment. This is a guy who travels 100’s of miles to meet all of you, and give you his heart and soul. And he has been so supportive of all us websites and blogs to  help him get the word out. Come on, how can you deny and not cheerlead this? As a fan, how can you not want to say ” fuck it, I want to see this film”. A three hour zombie film in 2 parts, with a zero budget and helped by friends and favors.


This film is a little more sci fi than zombie, but it is so goofy. You got the Evil Dead nod that alone is impressive on the limits he had. And for the first time ever, a sentence that featured necrophilia and pro choice in the same breath. A lucha Mr Potato head, the funny and cool fight scene between Jeremiah and Master. And get this a zombie nympho…come on..An antidote to being is called un undead. Thomas’s heart and personality is all over this film..and the bonus features. You get his Giant Rubber Monster Movie..which I will say right now, is the most fun you can have in 15 minutes. And over 2 hours of bonus stuff, from harassing a kid to just fun stuff. There is just so much for your dollars with this. And to find out zombies have repair parts, and that a little bit of imagination can take you a long way.


This is why I am a movie fan, for the little films that should. And adding the Midnite girls was such a clever idea to this deal. If you are new, check out part one and two. If not, you should for the sheer goofiness of it. I applaud all involved. And why did Sascratch start talking more regular on this second disc? And congrats on Star Crash.


7.75 out of 10