Movie Review-Limitless(2010)





directed by Neil Burger

105 mins PG-13/106 mins uncut

Plot- Limitless is a thriller about a writer named Eddie, who one day sees his ex brother in law who sells and deals in drugs who introduces him to NZT 48 which is a experimental drug that allows people to use 100 percent of their minds. And of course, his brother is law is killed..and Eddie takes his whole supply of NZT. When Eddie starts seeing how drastically his life is changing, he not only uses the drug..he starts abusing it. Learning different languages within seconds, learning the stock market to make money. Also trying to win back his ex girlfriend. Soon, not only are people after him, but they want the drug as well.


Review-There is a scene in this film when Eddie is talking to  Vern his brother in law about the drug and Verm addresses his concerns and says well Eddie it is FDA approved. That line right there had me thinking about the medical prescriptions we do take. The rumors for years are that pharmaceutical companies get people paid to turn a blind eye to most miracle drugs they put on the market. And a consumer would not know any better and become dependant on it. That they think in their mind they need this miracle pill.  Now, I liked some of this film. I liked the fact that this film is a sign of our times. That people become so dependant on miracle drugs and cures that they do not care or even ask if there are side effects. A perfect example is store bought weight loss pills. This film 95 percent of it is told in flashback from Eddie’s POV. How he was some reclusive down on his luck writer who cannot make the book happen. He loses his girlfriend in the beginning and also has been divorced. And he starts using these miracle pills and not only can he write the book, but he can conquer wall street, borrow 12k and turn it into 2.4 million almost instantly. And, he can impress anyone with what he knows.


Of course with all these films, you have to know others know about this miracle pill and they want it as well. My question is how can they be perceived as bad guys? This film tries to paint them as bad, cause they killed the brother in law Vern. My question is Bradley Cooper is basically stealing millions and lying to everyone, and he is supposed to be the good guy in this film?  The lines in this film were blurred between who I want to cheer for and who I should cheer for. Robert De Niro does his best, but he just felt flat as a wealthy wall street mogul. I guess i seen so much De Niro that he almost does the same role. I almost expected Ben Stiller to come out and be his stocks and bond broker.


Towards the end did this film get really weird and demented. I wont give anything away, but I loved the last twenty minutes and the sadistic almost gore approach it took. All in all, I would say if you are bored..this is a decent film to watch. I think Bradley Cooper is a star in the making and that this is a example of how paycheck overcomes common sense. I say rent it.


6 out of 10