Movie Review-El Monstro Del Mar!

This film was in my top 10 of 2010, since it is now being shown in theaters around the world..this is a re posting of my original review that came out in Oct 9th 2010..enjoy

El Monstro Del Mar!
directed by-Stuart Simpson
76 mins
Lost Art Films
reviewer: James DePaolo

Plot-They were all warned not to go in the water, now they made the sea mad.

Review-This is the story of 3 women. Snowball, Blondie and Beretta. The  beginning of the film which is shot in black and white is a little  homage to Russ Meyer. 3 Women with a broken down car, scantily dressed  and what a shock dancing to the radio,and 2 guys stop to help them.  Well, our girls take matters in their own hands and then we go to color.  They go to a friends’ beach home, and are warned by the old man next  door in a wheelchair not to go in the water. Well, if they did not go in  the water, then we would not be here reviewing this film. So, yes they  disregard him and go swimming. And, they awake something in the ocean  that is furious, and no one is safe. This is what Bitch Slap tried to  be. The beginning is a homage to one genre, the monster scenes are a  homage to 50′s sci fi, and some of the flashback scenes are homage to  any gore or violent film you seen in the last decade. The actresses are  great. Esp. the one who plays Hannah, the granddaughter that has a scene  where she goes into the water that is so simple but it works in a  suspenseful way. The script for this kind of film is effective, fun and  at times really such a fresh breath of air. If you are going to watch  this for the monster, than your missing the fun of the movie. Trust me,  the monster is awesome and the ending is so awesome, there is no fucking  way Stuart Simpson is not going to be huge. If you are into Hostel or  Saw, then skip this one. If you are into the Creature from the Black  Lagoon, Kill Kill Faster Pussycat and glimpses of Natural Born Killers,  this is your film. I did not want this film to end. This film right here  is why you guys check out We turn you onto new films  that we think you guys will dig. And if your old school with a tad touch  of new school. This is a must.

8.5 out of 10