Movie Review-Closed for the Season (2010)


This film will be available for rent or own on August 23rd

Plot-Kristy and James are trapped in a amusement park that has been closed for 4 years. As they are trying to escape they are victims of the memories of what happened in this park which led to its closing for the season.

Review-If there ever was a film that is need of a director’s commentary it is this. I am not sure of what I just watched. The film starts off with this little kid getting on a roller coaster and I am assuming a ghost in on the ride as well and pushes him off and his body goes right thru a tree…like a spear. But, he does not die. Then we meet Kristy, whose story goes from flashback to reality so much I was confused by what was what. And when you are watching a film that is almost 2 hours long but the pacing is so fast that the story and back-story are so confusing. And then she meets James, who is even worst. Now, we have visions of death and we go thru these lengthy scenes that lead to a death then to find out it was just a vision that the amusement park let you live thru but did not happen. There was this scene, when a construction worker gets off his tractor for a second to check on something and somehow trips which was so predictable. And then someone gets in his tractor and drives it a few feet and crushes him while he is just sitting there not even trying to escape. And when the film decided to try and slow down and let us catch up, it was so boringly slow. This film left me with all these questions that I thought would at least get some light shined on them by the end, but lo and behold..the film just kept throwing out so much just seemed like a missed opportunity.

Amusement is another one in this vein..why can’t anyone get this genre and just give us something entertaining. It is a abandoned amusement park..half the battle is done. Now work with it.


1.5 out of 10