Metal Review – THE RESURRECTION SORROW – The Scorpion Savior Sessions (2011)

THE RESURRECTION SORROW - The Scorpion Savior SessionsTHE RESURRECTION SORROW, better known to their fans as TRS, is a New York City-based band with their latest EP, The Scorpion Savior Sessions finally being available after months of having the songs stream online. With only three songs on their latest EP, they had all better be worth it, and let me tell you that they are. Each song comes at you in a different way, but they all bring it and all are worth the price of admission in their own right.

The EP begins with Pale Kiss (Endless Storm), which is a pretty straight rocker just over three minutes. The vocal melody makes this track. Alex Dementia’s raspy vocals sit nicely on top of some nice rhythm tracks nicely. Scorpion Savior is the next track and has more of a doom approach to this solid track. I really like this one a lot. It has a memorable riff and vocal melody. The final track is Burning Halo, which is another rocker with a much faster approach. Once again, the standout is Alex Dementia on vocals with some nice guitar riffs as well.

TRS on this recording was:
Alex Dementia – Vox
Alex Coelho – Bass
Louie Gasparro – Drums
Jeff Jardine – Guitar

The Scorpion Savior Sessions is a tide-me-over release for fans, while the band solidify info on their upcoming full-length follow-up featuring all-new material, being scheduled for release later in 2011. More info will follow in the coming weeks.