Metal Review – Exhumed – All Guts, No Glory (2011)

Exhumed - All Guts, No GloryI was starting to think that the name Exhumed was fitting for the band after a six year hiatus, but they are back with All Guts, No Glory, and probably better for it with their break. They seem to have emerged as a stronger band since the break. This marks their fourth studio album, not counting 2005’s covers collection, Garbage Days Re-regurgitated.

All Guts, No Glory shows Exhumed at their tightest and strongest in a long time. The album is chock full of venomous hatred and anger and each track seems to overpower you more than the last. There is no relenting on this album in any way. Each track is harder and faster than the previous and All Guts, No Glory makes for a great listen if you are looking for something at the cusp of extreme metal. While extreme metal has become pretty watered down these days, Exhumed still sits amongst the forefront of the genre and has reclaimed that seat after their latest release.

Exhumed – All Guts, No Glory Track Listing:
01. All Guts, No Glory
02. As Hammer To Anvil
03. Your Funeral, My Feast
04. Through Cadaver Eyes
05. Death Knell
06. Distorted And Twisted To Form
07. I Rot Within
08. Dis-assembly Line
09. Necrotized
10. Funereality
11. So Let it Be Rotten… So Let it Be Done