Metal Review – End of Level Boss – Eklectric (2011)

End of Level Boss - EklectricHailing from London, is End of Level Boss and their mix of stoner rock music. Introducing an entirely new rhythm section since their last release, the band’s flurry of angular, post-punk angst goes head-to-head with an almost progressive, technical attack on Eklectric. Reminiscent of bands like Kyuss and King Crimson, but not as good as either.

Overall, Eklectric brings a nice mix of something that can be used as background music while performing your daily tasks, but not something that I would consider a must-listen for bands of metal or rock. The progressive nature of End of Level Boss does make for a decent listen though. The comparisons to the stoner rock legends Kyuss probably stem from the vocals, but like I said, End of Level Boss is definitely no Kyuss.

On the positive though, Eklectric is End of Level Boss’ most accomplished work to date and they seem to better themselves with each release, so I am really looking for great things upcoming from this band.