Metal Review – Einvera – In Your Image (2011)

Einvera Band
Los Angeles-based metal trio Einvera is an experimental band that has a lot to offer with the unique blend of music. With their debut release, In Your Image, they show elements of progressive metal with experimental metal and even range out to some death metal tendencies as well, a lot of times within the same track. Time signatures and tempos mean nothing to this band as they weave in and out of tempos and styles within each song. They just play what feels right to them and I am happy that they do.

I am actually a fan of experimental projects like these because they are more of a snapshot of the artists themselves than anything else. While not my favorite genre, it is one that I can truly appreciate. Face it, we listen to the music for the musicians. We are buying their personalities moreso than anything else. That is why I like to hear music from the heart like this.

A perfect example of Einvera’s oddities is if you listen to the track “Invariably Transient,” which is one of the heaviest tracks on the album. It is followed by “Send Me Home,” which is a speed-picking rockabilly instrumental. To hear this tone change from a track that uses elements of death metal to something clean and fun is something that I can appreciate.

If you get into bands like Atheist, you definitely want to check out Einvera. You will be happy that you did.

Listen to the track “Static Ascension” below.

In Your Image Track Listing:
01. Static Ascension
02. Let in Without A Name (Sea Of Trees)
03. Invariably Transient
04. Send Me Home
05. Prismatic Distortion
06. In Your Image
07. The Gift Of A Ghost
08. A Mausoleum For The Living

Einvera In Your Image