Metal Review – All Shall Perish – This is Where it Ends (2011)

All Shall Perish - This is Where it EndsAll Shall Perish is one of the few deathcore bands that I can get behind. Out of this over flooded genre, there are actually only a few that I can get into and most of them seem to be progressive deathcore bands. The genre is overdone and flooded with a lot of the same stuff from dozens of bands. It makes it hard to wade through the nonsense to find the actually meaty bands that have talent. All Shall Perish is an extremely talented band that is a shining light in this genre.

I will have to admit that I was a little worried about the release or This is Where it Ends, what with ASP having to hire a new drummer and a new lead guitarist. That would ruffle the feathers of most bands, but ASP seems to not have taken a step back. Eddie Hermida’s harsh vocals are as punishing as ever and the band is right there with him.

As far as the deathcore or metalcore genres go, This is Where it Ends is definitely a standout, but I know that it will not get many listens out of me simply because I am just not into the genre all that much. There is no denying the skill that the band members have and a lot of the songs have some great riffs, but I am still looking for that one song that will make me want to replay the album over and over and I am just not getting it.

This is Where it Ends Track Listing:
01. Divine Illusion
02. There Is Nothing Left
03. Procession of Ashes
04. A Pure Evil
05. Embrace the Curse
06. Spineless
07. The Past Will Haunt Us Both
08. Royalty into Exile
09. My Retaliation
10. Rebirth
11. The Death Plague
12. In This Life Of Pain