Long Pig review

Long Pig is the debut feature from Carlo Rodriguez. I reviewed Naked Horror, both versions. I thought the one without all the cameos was really a great film. The ones with the cameos not so much, but I know his motives for making it, so I cannot say blame him for doing it. You get a chance to work with people who are respected in film and the indie horror community and your trying to get your name out, why not? Then, I watched what I have deemed as his masterpiece…Psycho Killer Bloodbath. Despite a few flaws, I really enjoyed the film. Then, it dawned on me…I have not watched his debut film yet. The running time is 2 hours and 22 minutes. If you are going to ask me about a plot, I will give this my best shot..because when you deal with anything Carlo puts out, there is no easy explanations or simple plots. Which I think is a positive for Carlo and also a negative. The positive, Carlo is not afraid to put out this ” art house horror”. It is a change of pace at times. Well thought out scripts that do not dumb down the viewer. The negative..they are well thought out scripts that could confuse the casual horror fan. Let us be honest..some of us love dialogue in horror. Some people are just in it for their gore or blood fix and dialogue bogs them down. Carlo with his style of film making..tries to walk the fine line between both.

This film asks a lot of the viewer. And the first twenty minutes are so confusing. We get this character, that character..this story and that story. Without knowing if they are connected to each other. Then comes a bon fire party with a bunch of college students. That some of the characters start coming together and some connections and links are made. This bonfire to me went on way too long. It did not add to the story nor would it have taken anything away if they did not include it or cut it down. But, the next scene was a rape scene that is pretty graphic and very disturbing. Again so far all we now in terms of plot, is that 2 girls were murdered by some religious cult leader and that a bunch of guys would use any means to get with any girl at any time without no conscious.

By the hour mark, this film felt like a bunch of cliff notes or a bunch of unfinished ideas. Then a 5 minute discussion about a cd being out of the case. Which I thought was interesting, this is something that people who know me knows irritates me..is when I see others with cds that do not keep them in their case. Then came some hooded guys in the woods who started capturing and killing people, and later we find out they are part of this religious cult leader and his cannibalism.

But, also by the hour mark for me the film started to pick up. They started capturing people..the female voice of judgment. Which created some half way decent scenes. Then lead character Patricia goes to the church or graveyard to confront the people. This is what I got out of the plot.

I felt this film was far too long. Maybe if it ran 90 minutes, it would have been a little better flow to it. This is ” glamour art gore”. With Carlo you know you are going to get women, religion symbolism, and a well thought out dialogue that at times feels long winded, but at least it is not the normal dialogue we get in these kind of films. Plus you get George Russell in both drag and a baby pacifier. But, there are 2 main reasons to point this film out. One if Jennifer Lyon who plays Miranda. She passed away in 2010..and the second is the amazing tribute at the end of the film for Marjorie Russell. And when you hear the 4 minute ending at the end of the credits..no way you can sit there and not get moved. Powerful stuff.

There was a scene in this film that I feel is so true. 2 friends are tied up and they turn againist each other in the face of death. This scene alone with the scenes of the rape…stuck with me way after this film was over. Texas has so many talented up and coming film makers, I put Carlo’s name on the ones to watch out for. Support Indie films.

6.5 out of 10