I am Nancy review

Plot-Last year all of us bragged about the Never Sleep Again-Nightmare on Elm Street documentary. Clocking in at a little over 4 hours, it was the definitive story and background on all the films, the directors and the stories behind each one. A year later, we have I am Nancy. Which is a autobiography on Heather Lagenkamp and her role as Nancy. This all takes part in the 25th anniversary of the original Nightmare and all the conventions and tours she does. Shot entirely in the point of view of Heather and at times the fans.

Review-This 70 minute documentary opened my eyes. You ever wonder how returning characters in films like Friday the 13th or Halloween feel being overshadowed by a pop culture icon. Heather in this documentary at times seems happy, but at other times her tongue and cheek approach sounds like bitterness or sour grapes. From parts where she thinks if she was nude or wore sexy outfits she would have had a career or stood out more to parts where you see Roberts line at convention stretch on and on, and Heather may have a few people. The film starts off with Heather, who taped the majority of this film on her Heather cam..joining a guy who is getting a Freddy tattoo and thru that sit down at the tattoo shop comes this travel from convention to town, to city..in celebration of the film and it’s 25th anniversary.

The positives to this film are Heather and her approach. She comes across as light hearted and really wanting the fans to have fun. She seems very humble and loveable. The scene where she asks Robert to sign a doll that she took out of its case, was funny in just the way, you know a mega fan would have acted like he let a virus free and freak and Heather was so ho hum. The fans interaction really added a relaxed vibe to this film. Where fans were actually more of a star of this than Heather. And also, the kind of frustration that Robert has all this stuff for his character, from dolls to lunch boxes and there is no Nancy stuff. Also to changing the original poster art from Nightmare on Elm Street to be more hip and taking Nancy completely off of it. You feel for her.

The negatives. I know Wes Craven’s legacy and I am a fan of some of his films, but the 15 minute interview in this film was so boring. You could tell Wes was trying to be funny and hip, and he failed..also mixed in with this was Wes daughter. Who talked about how she told her father when he did Swamp Thing, to make the female characters more smarter. Or how they discovered Johnny Depp, which to me did not add anything to this story. Then Wes’s daughter almost sounded hypocritical. She changed her views a few times and tried to the hide the fact that maybe she opened her mouth and said the wrong thing when talking about her childhood and how he was as a dad.

The bonus features are an extended Heather and Robert interview which this film trimmed to about 3 to 5 minutes, but the bonus you get the whole thing which was really like a reunion, and for us die hards of the series was really a cool moment. And you get a long, long interview with Wes Craven. Which was a borefest.

At the end of the day, it was a good trip again down that elm street memory lane. Lord knows after the remake, stuff like this is welcome.

6.5 out of 10