Exit 33 review

Coming to home video 8/2/11 this is the early review

Plot-This is the new film from Tommy Brunswick ( Jingles the Clown). Starring horror icon Kane Hodder as the deranged owner of Ike’s Last Chance Gas Station. A group of friends, who all drove separately are off to a reunion, they each turn at exit 33 to get gas, little do they know they are going to get more than they bargained for.

Review-Tommy Brunswick, I think has had a few films to try and find her identity and she has proven that she at least goes online to try and see where to draw inspiration from. 100 Tears and Klown Kamp Massacre were all the rage, clown horror was being talked about again. Then, she put out the god awful bore fest called Jingles the Clown. Now, she is trying to capitalize on the back from the dead cannibal craze and release this film. I believe in being inspired for an idea, but I think this film was not inspired..it just blantantly steals from a lot of other films. Whether it be Motel Hell, Long Pigs, Henry, and etc..this film is plain and simple..not very good. I know I will get those emails about ” this is a indie film and has a small budget blah blah”..I am not complaining for what this film could not afford, or what it did not have. I am complaining about what it was and gave me for the budget. From the dialogue…a customer at his gas station hears a woman screaming and says ” hey what was that” and Kane says ” it is just the woman tied up in my slaughterhouse” and the customer looks baffled and starts laughing and says ” oh you got me on that one Ike..ha ha”. Or a scene where a girl is on the phone fighting with her boyfriend..” I am not your slamhole”. There is a scene where two of the characters I think they were Eva and Dax, they were on the road and you could tell they were not in a real car on a real road. It looked like a cardboard cutout and people rocking it. And at one point it looked like it was airborne. Of course, since this film is ripping off every other film..why not rip off Friday the 13th wink wink…So a woman is running thru the woods away from Ike, and lord and behold he is in front of her.

There is very little positives. Some of the gore and FX looked ok. But oh lord, this film has a twist. I wont spoil it, but I will say this film will win most unnecessary twist in the history of films, and then to complicate things…this is the first twist in the history of film which makes no sense at all and cannot be explained.( for all you High Tension haters and cried that the twist was so unreal..wait till you see what this one has for you) And the scene with his wife and the accident was supposed to come across as a pivotal moment in the film, it was laugh out loud silly. You could see this tragedy going to happen from a mile away and it tried to build some suspense. Just fucking ridiculous. Kane gets all these free passes from people cause of his so called legacy and resume that they forgive him for films like this. But, he deserves as much blame for this film sucking as does Tommy. This was his vehicle, and he tried to make it tongue and cheek at times with his dialogue, the only problem is you have to have a personality to be funny. And the line when he was reading the Fangoria tried to be clever it looked so desperate. And why do films have to have bathroom humor. I am to the point now, where a grown heavy set man taking a shit and having no toilet paper to wipe is not funny or watchable.

My advice to Tommy is when coming up with ideas and concepts for films, maybe think of the road less traveled instead of a fast cash on ideas that others had some success with. This was at least better than Jingles.

3.15 out of 10