Doll-Boy review


Doll Boy

27 minutes

Directed by Billy Pon


First and foremost, thank you to Charley Hardin at horrorphilia for the heads up about this film. This film is proof that Texas is starting to become a hotbed for horror films. The first thing I noticed when I started this short was the trailer reel. If any film in my lifetime has my name written all over it, it would be Mister Fister. That trailer alone is worth seeing this dvd. Get this budgeted. And it is rated PG. ( wait till you see what PG means..holy shit that is awesome, and original. I am so fucking in) Now onto the feature–This film almost had a Sweatshop meets 100 Tears vibe.


This film starts off with a clown, and he has this van and dumps 8 people who are bound and gagged in the back of the van,  into this warehouse. When the van leaves the people start getting untied, and ungagged and think the worst is behind them and all they have to do is escape. Well, there is this psycho giant doll boy with a sledgehammer chasing after them and will not stop till all of them are dead . The Doll-Boy killer reminded me of the killer in Hills Run Red almost, I love this mask as well. And what follows is 8 people who have to run and hide and try to escape or stop this person.


This film is brutal, and non apologetic. You can tell the people involved with this are horror fans. Because, this is smart. They tried not to follow the basic done to death horror premises that films like this create. As a fan, I am so sick of seeing hollywood give me the same formula time after time in a repackaged box. But, as long as you fans are pouring money out your pockets for it, I cannot blame them for drying that well. But, this film was fun and is definitely worth the price of admission. There is a running gag with one of the characters looking for his expensive watch and the things he does to try and find that watch and escape. It was nothing short of genius. Whereas a lot of shorts who start off the bat with brutal or violence non stop seem to run out of gas before the finish line, this film just kept on delivering. I would love to see what Billy could do with a hollywood script and funding. This is clearly what the future of our genre needs more of.


I love obscure comedy in brutal horror. Just moments you sit there and know that you are not supposed to laugh and it is not meant for laughs but you just have fun with it. This film creates such a odd vibe of both uncomfort and just violence, that you just sit back and let this roller coaster entertain you..and this film is just that fun ride. I pray that Hollywood will put some cash in this man’s direction and give us a big screen version of Mister Fister. Or maybe a longer version of this.


This is proof that the future is not in Hollywood and all those shit remakes and dumb sequels…have faith fans indies are starting to take over…day by day…


9 out of 10