Wake Wood review

Coming to dvd and blu ray on July 5th

Plot-Still grieving the death of nine-year-old Alice their only child at the jaws of
a crazed dog, vet Patrick and pharmacist Louise relocate to the remote town of
Wake Wood where they learn of a pagan ritual that will allow them three more
days with Alice. What happens when the 3 days are over and she does not want
to go back to the land of the non living?

Review-The film starts off sort of like Anti Christ in a way without the sex. A young girl is feeding a dog and opens the gate and gets violently attacked by the dog when the parents are not paying attention. Well, Alice dies..and the parents are left grieving. The first half of the film just shows us how their lives have really just stopped. When they move to Wake Wood, you almost expect this film to just kick it in gear, but it does not. It keeps revolving around their loss and just their lives. It is when they witness the ritual at the 30 minute mark, the film looks like it is going to build into something really special. This film did not start with the thriller aspect until the 30 minute mark,and around the 40 minute plus mark is when they get their daughter back for 3 days. And you almost know from the get go, this will not be good for any party involved. Around the hour mark is when this film just abandons the suspense and thriller it was building into and just become some slasher film that really was such a desperate cop out. Maybe these scenes would have meant more to me if I did not see the majority of this in every other kid turned bad horror film.

This is that film like Orphan, and The Children that will divide the viewers. Some are going to really get into this film and some are not. This film has the Omen-ish tense moments, but unlike the Omen, this film was not patient enough to really build a scene to make it tense..It just had to hit the gas when Alice was resurrected. That was my main issue, the pacing. You build this slow story and try to make it mean something and then just throw caution to the wind in the final half hour and say, ” ok we want to go out like this”. It had the Pumpkinhead feel, which I did like the ritual. And of course, when films like The Orphan made a dent in the box office and The Children got a lot of praise, every film has to use them as the litmus paper.

Some of Alice’s kill scenes looked so hokey. But, the final 12 seconds of the film was something that really made me smile. I liked a lot how this film ended. Not that it did end, but why did you guys not play off that final scene? Talk about something promising and sadistic. I thank Grace for those kind of endings as of late.

I would want people to at least give it a chance, so I cannot totally hate it. But, I will say..it was a lot of promise and a whole lot of missed opportunities. This film is all about what we would do to make something impossible happen, what would we do to just tell a deceased love one that we loved them one last time and have time with them. That loss sometimes blurs the line between sane though and insane consequences for our sad actions.

5.5 out of 10

  • I think for people like me and you who watch an absurd amount of films that films like this could be way better if we did not watch 20 films that were in the same vein.

  • This is one of those that I wanted to love. It was supposed to be a return to Hammer Horror. Oh well, it was not a complete throwaway though, so I was somewhat happy.