The Night Shift review

Playing in Mobile, Alabama at the Crescent Theater on June 18th..And also making some festival dates as well. Go to and find out more..

Plot-In this supernatural adventure/comedy, cemetery night watchman, Rue Morgan, spends his afterlife fending off creatures of the night while dreaming of a date with hard-nosed day-shifter, Claire. It’s an okay eternity — until a scourge of paranormal occurrences leaves Rue not only watching the cemetery, but also watching his back!

Review-This film is based on a short director Thomas Smith did a few years ago. Shot for under 10k. Filmed in Mobile, Alabama and using local talent. This film has been making its festival runs and has been all over Aint It Cool News and other sites. This film runs a little over 2 hours and you know was not that bad. The film is basically the story of Rue who is dead and in love with Claire who is alive. Claire works at the cemetery that Rue guards. This film reminds me when you watch that student art film and you know something special will come out it if the director is given the chance and a budget. This film was fun. It was in the vein of a I sell the dead, and Cemetery Man. It is halloween and Rue and his skull friend Herb..who he calls herbie play checkers. You have a skull playing checkers. ” Can you move the black one”…and Rue responds ” they are all black”. This is the kind of humor this film has. Then you have a zombie-ish character named Roderick who is up to no good and is trying to open a portal to another dimension. The drama’s of being at a graveyard and dead.

This film is not a blood and guts horror film, it is a fun little watch. What it lacks in gore, it makes up with a clever written script and some fun characters. Like the scene Rue is trying to hint to Claire he likes her and she says…”I’m really trying to avoid relationships that involve necrophilia right now”…I will put this film in the same category as I put The Italian Zombie Film, The Collective, and The Wrong House..I am excited to see what is coming up next from Thomas Smith. This film will have it’s fans and it’s non fans, all I can say is..give this film a shot, a fair shot..and who knows you may be entertained. The film is not perfect and it has flaws, but I give it credit for being fun.

7 out of 10