The Mike Hampton documentary review ( Hot Zombie Chicks and Captain Asshole creator)

This film is a documentary about Mike Hampton. You talk about a ok surprise. This was the first documentary I ever witnessed in my life that the person it is about, makes light and jokes about the bad times. Where other documentaries want you to feel something or make it so serious, this one is so fun. It is basically about Mike Hampton and his journey from this convention to this event. Selling his comic books and playing music. The message of this film is basically chase the dream and no matter what have fun with the plight that comes with it. And this 10 year in the making star is just showing the in’s and out’s of each convention and giving any future dreamers a ray of fun hope.

He does a Captain Asshole and Hot Zombie Chick comic book and from what I saw, his work is pretty impressive. And the humor of this film is lines like..” I made this 45 minute short called-And a Killer is about a killer and he speaks”. From traveling to Bakersfield to Pinky’s and this convention 1000 miles away, this film is so determined to draw your attention just from being so simple.

The negatives. I felt it was too long. At a little over 90 minutes is kinda stretching. If this was trimmed 20 minutes, and things like maybe the drinking scene were cut, the film would have much more of a better flow. The pacing was at times puzzling, it just seemed like the fests and conventions were almost the same old same old for Mike. And, I felt he is ambitious and wanted to put this out, but I felt it was a decent attempt. It had me laughing a few times, and I loved the music and live performances just for the bizarreness of it. This is definitely a film for any up and coming comic book writer to watch. This shows you it takes years and you still may not touch the surface and break big. This was a eye opener and hopefully Mike makes it big, his comic books look amazing. And his dead pan humor works

7 out of 10

And a special thanks to Adam Casto of the band Nerd Table for turning me on to this..

  • Yogi i am very honored to watch your success !

  • Adam

    Mike is awesome!