The Bunny Game is coming to UK dvd Jan 2012 thru Trinity X

Jan 2012 is the official UK release of Adam Rehmeier’s The Bunny Game. Starring Rodleen Getsic and Jeff Renfro this is the true story of events that happened to Rodleen, and this film was her therapy. Rodleen plays Bunny who meets Hog, a truck driver who brutally has his way with her and makes her play something so fucked up..they call ” The Bunny Game”. Trust me, you watch this film you will see why this film has made so many top ten lists in 2010, this is that once in a lifetime film. Knowing Trinity X also handles films like Enter The Void and Red, White and Blue..I have faith they know how to promote a film with the material that Bunny has. This film has made its rounds in a few festivals and the buzz is getting louder and louder. There is no US release info as of yet, but when I talked to Adam..he is hopeful something is coming but encourages anyone who wants to see this film…” be patient, it will be worth the wait”.  On a personal note, I think everyone should see this film..and I would encourage you to email companies like Breaking Glass, Troma, Synapse and ask them why this is not on their release slate. Even, Anchor Bay or Magnet who tell you fans they are releasing cutting edge films..this is that cutting edge film that is the ” fuck you american cinema has needed for so long” Support the Bunny Game.