The Anniversary at Shallow Creek review

This title will be available on July 5th..this is a early review

Plot-Six friends go to a house in the middle of nowhere to escape the stress of daily life. Once there, they find a new stress…trying to stay alive. It seems a serial killer who is also a good sniper is trying to make sure these 6 never leave out alive.

Review-Talk about a mixed bag. I liked 50 percent of the film and despised 50 percent. Let me start by the positives. There are some good kills in this film, dare I say…very good kills. And there is some suspenseful moments. Like one scene, where the serial killer has them trapped in this room and he gases them. He tapes the door and cuts out all oxygen. And they think to try and escape out the window and he is on the ledge with a gun waiting to shoot them. I loved that scene a lot. The acting was better than average. And, the director took so many gambles with this film, and some of them paid off very well. Now, the negatives..too many unnecessary scenes. The film has a twist, they all do these days but to not do anything creative with this, was a letdown and what they do with the twist was just utter boring. The pacing of the film. This film starts off with a bang. A loud bang, and you just think…ok this film is going to deliver. Then, it takes about 35 minutes till we get back on that pace again. Too many twists. Ok, you got one twist..I did not see that coming..but I knew two had to be a twist and saw it coming, oh ok now 3 twists. I blame films like Seven for this. Now, every film has to have that one twist and think it outsmarted us. Which sometimes is a good thing, but in this got redundant….almost to the point..I was going to wait for at least 7 more twists to end this film. And the ending was so flat. The build up to the end was flat. The scene where one person is tied up and has to make a decision, was ok to a point but the next ten minutes was just utter ridiculous. Though, the climax of the scene was pretty cool.

This film had the feel of a very violent and sadistic Strangers. And, I would recommend people to see it and form their own opinions. I think the film is not a total waste. All in all, this may be a good rental.

6 out of 10