Sweatshop Gets a DVD Release Date

SweatshopScreen Media Films releases SWEATSHOP September 13, and Ted Geoghegan, who scripted the film with Stacy Davidson and produced it with Laura Bryant, says, “The film is being released unrated. It was submitted to the MPAA three weeks ago, and was given an NC-17 rating for ‘Disturbing sadistic horror violence, nudity and language.’ Since most stores will not carry NC-17 films but now carry unrated titles, Screen Media has officially decided to release the film uncut and unrated.”

That “sadistic horror violence” is meted out upon a group of young friends who arrive at an abandoned factory to set up for a rave, and become the prey of the Beast, a human monster wielding a massive hammer made from an anvil and a steel pole. The cast includes Ashley Kay, Peyton Wetzel, Brent Himes, Melanie Donihoo, Naika Malveaux, Julin, Krystal Freeman, Danielle Jones, Vincent Guerrero and ViVi Sterling, with Jeremy Sumrall as the Beast and a cameo appearance by yours truly. Special features on the DVD will be:

• Audio commentary by Stacy Davidson, Geoghegan and associate producer John Torrani

• “SWEATSHOP: Hide and Shriek” motion comic

• Photo gallery

• Art gallery

  • The story works. There’s no backstory to explain why The Beast is there and why he kills all who enter his domain and it’s just not needed. This film is about the here and now. Charlie and her friends are hoping to make a small fortune but they picked the wrong place and they pay with their lives. The acting works – each of the cast delivers a performance that complements the story, their character, and each other’s performance.