Movie Review – Zombie Undead (2010)

Zombie Undead (2010)A car roars through the darkened country roads. Inside, a distraught Sarah, holding her stricken dad, Mark, is desperately trying to stem the flow of blood. Having been re-directed to an Evacuation facility on the edge of town, Steve, an off-duty Paramedic is in a race against time fully aware that Marks chances of survival are rapidly slipping away. The scene that greets them on arrival is one of chaos. The floor, awash with blood, is covered with the bodies of the dying and injured, doctors dart back and forth, clearly overwhelmed. A violent convulsion causes Mark to lose consciousness, heart stopped he slumps to the floor. As the adrenalin needle slams into her Fathers heart Sarah stumbles back and her world fades to black. Upon regaining consciousness Sarah is greeted by the uneasy silence of a seemingly deserted building. Bleeding and dazed she stumbles through the darkened corridors unaware of the fate that awaits her…

Director: Rhys Davies
Writer: Kris Tearse
Stars: Ruth King, Kris Tearse and Barry Thomas

Zombie Undead is the debut feature film from Rhys Davies. By the title, you can pretty much assume that this is a zombie film, and you would be right. It is a little more than a simple British horror movie though. It is a more stylized British zombie film with good looking locations, better looking zombies and some decent gore. In a subgenre of horror overrun by cheap, bad looking zombie films, it was a welcomed surprise to see something a little more than just your run of the mill zombie movie.

Outside of the items mentioned above though, Zombie Undead does not offer much else for anyone other than zombie diehards. There are a bunch of plotholes and strange happenings. Once the characters finally get outside, there are quite a few things that jumped out at me that bug the hell out of me. If there is no exit, why is there a bike rack with bikes? You would think that someone would tap the director on the shoulder and say something like, “hey bud, this makes absolutely no sense.” I know that it sounds like I am nitpicking, but it was so odd.

As expected for a low budget zombie movie, the acting is pretty bad and the plot centers around the zombies chasing the people around. Unfortunately for the characters, after having just finished the movie, I have already forgotten their names. That shows you how memorable they were.

To sum it all up, I know that some zombie lovers will get into it since it was not horrible, but most movie fans will wish that they gave this one a pass.