Movie Review – Sovia: Death Hospital 3D (2009)

Sovia: Death Hospital 3DOne mistake will change many lives. SOVIA, a nurse, makes a fatal mistake in the emergency room, killing a patient. Later that night, Sovia has a surreal, near death experience in which the deceased patient appears and touches her shoulder. When Sovia recovers, she finds a bruise has developed at the exact place she was touched by the deceased. Unknowingly, she passes the bruise to others – who are then killed at the hands of the deceased. Sovia becomes the prime suspect in the murders and she begins to discover the truth. Since nobody believes her, it is up to Sovia to try to save herself and the others.

Director: Robert Franke
Writer: Raimund V. Tabor
Stars: Diana Radnai, Abdrea Gerhard and Andrea Gerhard

Sovia: Death Hospital is a German graduate’s film production that has managed to get a commercial DVD release, and when compared to a lot of what is out there now commercially, the quality of the production stands up fairly well to other direct-to-video products. In terms of production, the film is very well produced and created with excellent sound design thrown into the mix.

Outside of the production though, the film does not hold up very well in many other departments. While there are a few good jumps throughout the film, there is not much meat in between the few and far between scares.

In addition to the lack of meat to the film, the dubbed version that I saw was dubbed by extremely thick-accented dubbers, which made the audio a tough sell on me. The accents made the dialogue almost unbearable.

If you can past the dialogue though, I could see someone getting into this one as a standard horror fan. It is chock full of your standard jumps and scares though, so if you are accustomed to a lot of horror films as I am, then there is nothing in this film to really right home about.

  • The director did excellent work on his first movie. from the beginning on the audience is riveted on the story because it’s unforeseeable how the story ends. i would recommend it to people who like to have goosebumps