Movie Review – Green Lantern (2011)

Green Lantern (2011)A test pilot is granted a mystical green ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers, as well as membership into an intergalactic squadron tasked with keeping peace within the universe.

Director: Martin Campbell
Writers: Greg Berlanti (screenplay), Michael Green (screenplay)
Stars: Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and Peter Sarsgaard

As one of the first summer blockbusters of 2011 that was one of my must-see-right-away films of the summer, I was super excited about DC Comics’ Green Lantern finally making it to the big screen. Casino Royale director Martin Campbell directs the tale of test pilot Hal Jordan, played by Ryan Reynolds, who is the first human chosen to wear the ring and join the Green Lantern Corps.

I will look at this film in two ways. First off, from my nerd perspective, the film was pretty much an atrocity. With the abundance of material available about Hal Jordan, I would have expected so much more from the film. Outside of the story being fragmented for much of the film and a severe lack of character focus and direction, the film will not be for any Green Lantern aficionado. From the second perspective of an action movie fan, the film rocked. The action was there although, in between the action, not much was really there. There was a severe lack of details given, but for the casual movie fan, they only care about the action and the main stars anyway.

There are reports of a $60+ million opening weekend, so I am sure that they are very pleased with that. Ultimately, those are the numbers that mean the most to Hollywood (hence the problem we all have with Hollywood).

As far as how Ryan Reynolds did as the iconic Hal Jordan, I think that he pulled off the character just fine. I was pretty sold on his performance. I would have loved for the film to focus on more than just Hal, but ultimately, that is what the main focus of the film was and not the actual Green Lantern Corps.

Ultimately, from my nerdly (is that even a word?) perspective, the film was decent for a one-time watch, but I will not be purchasing the DVD upon its release. And, if I can give you moviegoers a warning, do not waste your money on the 3D version. The extra money can be spent on a soda or something. The 3D aspects of the film were done poorly. You could actually watch much of the film without the glasses. I got one serious headache from the poorly done 3D effects.

I am seriously hoping that this franchise is one and done because, at this point, I do not even want to see Hal Jordan versus Sinestro.