Movie Review – Fright Flick (2011)

Fright Flick (2011)Director: Israel Luna
Writers: Todd Jenkins (story), Israel Luna (story)
Stars: Chad Allen, Richard D. Curtin and Todd Jenkins

Following up after Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives, Israel Luna brings us another homage of sorts with Fright Flick, which looks to be a homage to campy 80s slasher movies. Fright Flick is chock full of bad acting, horrible dialogue and wasted characters.

I am not sure what Israel Luna was trying to do with this film really. To me, slasher films need to have inventive on camera kills. While there are plenty of kills in Fright Flick, the kills are taken off screen for the most part. That pretty much defeats the purpose of a slasher film if the good parts are taken off screen.

For the guys looking for nudity, there is a fair share of it, but the main problem is that seeing good looking boob on average looking girls is not what I had in mind for this film. Regardless of that, the nudity is always only a small part of it for me anyway. If I want to watch nudity, I would watch porn instead of a slasher flick.

I guess the one good thing that I could say about this movie is that every director will make some bad films, so for Luna to get that out of the way now may mean that the gems are on their way next. Quite honestly, I find it hard to recommend this film to anyone.