Movie Review – Fangs (2002)

Fangs (2002)It’s the attack of the killer, genetically-altered bats!

Director: Kelly Sandefur
Writer: Jim Geoghan
Stars: Corbin Bernsen, Tracy Nelson and Whip Hubley

Wow. That was bad. They could have called this one The Attack of the Plastic Bats and been better off. After watching this movie, I was screaming for CG effects over practical effects. Yes, they looked that bad.

To basically synopsize the happenings of this movie, Corbin Bernsen throws his muscle around town and tried to pretend that the killer bats do not exist. Unfortunately, these bats do exist and they are out for blood… and flesh. This seems more like an after school special than any true horror movie, so if you are old enough to view horror movies and want to feel all bad-ass, this one might be for you. If not, then skip this garbage and move on to something with substance.

I wish that I could really expand on this review, but what is there to really say about a film this bad?

  • It is nice to have a movie that I can comfortably watch with my 12 year old granddaughter, that both of us enjoy. Tracy Nelson & Whip Hubley had great chemistry. This is certainly one DVD which won’t get dusty from being watched once and put away.