Movie Review – Elimination (2010)

Elimination (2010)Ten actors audition on a reality show for a million dollars. All they have to do is survive three killers, and each other – streaming live over the Internet.

Director: Juan Carlos Vargas
Writers: Juan Carlos Vargas, John Azpilicueta
Stars: Danny Vasquez, Nicole Warner, Meredith Grau

Elimination is the full-length directorial debut for Juan Carlos Vargas, whose name has been attached to countless films for special effects work. With the names on that list that vary by genre, you would think that we would be in for some really nice special effects. You would be wrong.

While Elimination is not a complete snoozer, the horrible CG effects are simply pathetic and can really deter from what was not an entirely bad film. The story is not unlike other genre films where actors get more than they bargained for on the set of a reality show. When they arrive on set, they realize that they must fight to survive on this reality show.

With subpar acting and forgettable characters, it misses its mark on many occasions. Like I mentioned though, it was not entirely bad… just mostly bad. On a side note, I did finish the film, so I am either a glutton for punishment or the movie was somewhat entertaining. I think that it is more of the former, but all in all, it was worth a watch. If you get a chance, give it a rent and see how you enjoy it. I would definitely not recommend purchasing thos one though.