Monster Brawl Trailer

Let’s find out who the ultimate monster really is when Monster Brawl comes out.

Eight legendary monsters pitted against each other in a fight to the death to determine the most powerful monster of all time.Starring Dave Foley (Kids in the Hall), Robert Maillet (300, Sherlock Holmes), Art Hindle (Porky’s, The Brood), Herb Dean (MMA Referee), Jimmy Hart “The Mouth of the South”, with Kevin Nash (The Punisher), and featuring the voice of Lance Henriksen (Aliens). It’s the Ultimate Fight of the Living Dead!

  • I was wondering about the monsters’ looks as well. Not sure if it was a licensing issue or not. I would assume so since they called the Wolfman Werewolf instead of Wolfman. But then they called Frankenstein by his name, so I was thrown off.

  • It would be more cool if the monsters looked more ‘identical’ to originals.

  • I hear you on that. I feel dumber for having watched it.

  • JJ

    I was going to say something witty and intelligent. But after that trailer I have nothing.