Midnite Mausoleum Season 1 Volume 1

Most recently I was having a conversation with Thomas Berdinski. He was talking about something called the Midnite Mausoleum. He went on and on about this. Which led me to know a few things right off the bat. A. There has to be hot women involved in this. B. This is going to be some cheesy fun. or C. he is involved in this. Which I am always down for. In the upcoming weeks, I am going to review each of these films till we get to the interview that I may be conducting with Marlena and Robyn sometime. This is the debut edition volume 1. This dvd runs about 1 hour and 47 minutes. I hate to tell all of you, I am clueless..I have no idea about this show. Until I put this dvd in. It seems this is a web show. They do 4 parts which run a little under two hours. It is almost a take on Elvira and Mystery Science Theater. Marlena Midnite is your host. You can tell right away she is a fan, and is looking just to have some nerdy and goofy fun. I always found characters like Elvira annoying. OMG Blasphemy..I know, but I am honest. I did like her 1986 films…but other than that she seemed like a clueless putz, who if was not for her cleavage would have been forgotten many moons ago. Now, I am a huge Mystery Science Theater fan. I love the smart and sharp humor. And the wit is so quick. Marlena Midnite and her crew which includes a bad joke telling bones. Who is a skeleton, who tells some jokes that are not funny bad..but just bad. That you want to just laugh out of nervousness that if you do not, he will tell more. And she has two sidekicks one is called Franklin, and the other was Wolfred. Then, a character she refers to as Grimms. Together they pick out a film, and then do commercials and breaks.

The film they are doing for their debut edition, is the Basil Rathbone ummm..ahem…classic? Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet. This film was made in 1965. It tells the story of a trip to venus in the year 2020.And about all these creatures. You will love the flying creatures scene, oh my god how fucking hilarious. This film was just so cheesy. And the commercials, are even more funny. The bleeper. A device that can censor cuss words. And, the old school ice cream and movie ads from way back when. You can tell Marlena is trying to find her niche, in this. Always the debut edition of anything is more of a feeling out, and should not count as good or bad. But, this was watchable. I wish she would have had more of a time during the film interjecting humor during scenes, like the flying animals or them landing on venus.

All in all, I liked it. I would definitely watch this again with a group of friends. Now,the real test will be the next disc. I think for a series like this to work, the films they choose to host have to at least have some cult appeal with them. If Berdinski tells me this is awesome, I know he has taste. Plus, I did dig this first one. And, I know Robyn debuts in the upcoming episodes.

7.95 out of 10

In closing, I forgot the major positive. For the price of a couple gallons of gas you can own each dvd. This dvd is only 10.00 and you help support some good people. Go to midnitemausoleum.com and check them out