Metal Review – Sepultura – Kairos (2011)

Sepultura - KairosSepultura is a strange band to me these days. Gone are the days when I look forward to their releases or when I await their tour dates to come around to me. Sepultura today is only represented by two founding members, Andreas Kisser and Paulo Jr. I am a huge fan of Max Cavalera, so him leaving the band hit me hard. Their old releases (with Max) were all solid and many became thrash metal classics to me. Nowadays with Derrick Green, they are barely even on my radar. That is no knock on Derrick Green at all. I think that he has filled in more than aptly since Max’s departure.

So, on to 2011 and their latest release, Kairos. Kairos is the band’s 12th album and the core concept is based upon “Kairos,” a Greek word for time and transcendentalism. It took me a little bit to finally pop it in. I have been in a huge black metal and death metal kick for weeks now, so I have not listened to much else in that time frame. I kept hearing people tell me to listen to it, so I had to finally cave in. I was pretty much pleased with what they are doing with Kairos. While, it is far from classics like Chaos AD, it is a very honorable effort and much stronger than a lot of what I have been bombarded with recently. Trust me on this. I get anywhere from ten to twenty releases a week sent to me for review. I try to review most of what I can tolerate. If an album is bad, it is removed from iTunes and never heard from again. I know that Kairos will keep its place in there for a while.

As far as standouts go, tracks 2-7 are such a nuce string of songs. The opening track, Spectrum, is not half bad, but once I hear the title track, Kairos, I forget all about Spectrum. Kairos is a great groove metal track with some catchy points and nice riffwork. Next up, we have Relentless, which is thrash riff heaven. Derrick Green goes outside of his normal range with some of the vocals on this one and does a really nice job.

After a brief interlude, we are greeted to Just One Fix. Any Ministry fan will tell you of the sheer awesomeness of the entire Psalm 69 album. Just One Fix is one of the better tracks on that album. Sepultura does an almost note by note version of Just One Fix. Yes, it is pretty good. I sort of wish that they would have brought a little something more to the table with their version – sort of Sepulturaizing it a litte. Hey, it is my blog post and I will make up words when I want to. I do not have the deluxe edition, so I have not had the chance to hear their version of The Prodigy’s Firestarter. I will seek that out soon though.

After that cover, we are treated to an almost melodic track entitled Dialog. This is a very nice song and not the type of track we hear from Sepultura too often. From the spoken word vocals to the aggressive vocals to the catchy offerings, I am really digging this one a lot. Track seven, Mask, is a groove metal beast. It is strong and riff heavy and a very fun song to groove to.

Overall, Kairos is a very strong effort and a very nice return to form for Sepultura. Who stands out apart from the obvious, Andreas Kisser? I would give extra props to Derrick Green for really bringing it this album. I was very into what he was doing on this release. Well done my friends.