Metal Review – Queensryche – Dedicated to Chaos (2011)

Queensryche - Dedicated to ChaosYou know what I like about Queensryche these days? You know exactly what you are getting with each new release… utter shit. From the old days, with classics like Queen of the Reich and Take Hold of the Flame, not to mention the classic album Operation Mindcrime, I cannot even believe that this is (somewhat) the same band. There is no heart in their music anymore. I still cannot believe that this is the same band that released Operation Mindcrime. That is one of my top ten albums of all time. Yes, it is that good and quite deserved of all of the praise that it gets.

Gone are the days where you look forward to a new Queensryche release and hope that there may be a good track or two on it. You know exactly what you are getting, and if the promo was not sent to me, I would not have even purchased the album because Queensryche is not even on my radar any longer. I cannot even tolerate them live anymore because all of the passion for metal is completely gone, and in its place is a poorly done theatrical show that tried to take the audience away from the fact that Queensryche wants nothing to do with metal any longer.

Even as a non-metal release, Dedicated to Chaos is an abysmal excuse for music. Geoff Tate’s voice is nowhere near as passionate as it once was in classics like Eyes of a Stranger or Jet City Woman. Musically, the band does not even display any chops any more. Even when there is a solo, it is so blatantly average that they should have just left it off of the song in hopes of ending our pain quicker and letting the album finish its first, and only, run through our CD players.

I wish that I could try a track by track breakdown, but there is no way that is happening with this one. Queensryche has shown that it is dedicated to mediocrity and that suits them fine. I wish that I could say that they sold out and did it for the money and girls, but honestly, people only go see them live to hear the classics live and the venues that they are playing at are getting smaller and smaller, so even that run will end soon.

I normally do not even bother reviewing albums that I completely hate, but I figured that Queensryche still has that name out there, so people will want to know what this album is about. If you did enjoy the album, please let me know.

  • amirali

    I am a 45-year old progressive metal fan. I bought Queensryche’s first mini LP when it came out. Saw them on their first proper album (warning) tour in 84 with Dio in Germany.
    They were so different from anyone else. Kerrang (the ultimate metal magazine then) put them as more than heavy metal and indeed they were revolutionary.
    After Chris De Garmo left, I realized, he had been the spirit of the band and the main song writer. This album should have been entitled”dedicated to nothing”. There is nothing interesting on this album.

    It’s sad, how such good musicians cant write a proper song. My problem with this album is not that it doesnt produce their old music, but that it is so apparent that they are just in it for the money. There is no intelligence in the song writings.

    This album sucks and I highly recommend these guys to dissolve the band or bring in a song writer guitarist.

    This album (I dont even want to call it that) is bad. Not just in comparison to what the band used to produce, but simply compared to the same genre they are trying to be dedicated to.

    Guys, get a song writer.

  • Malcolm

    I made it through a song and a half… then I employed my ‘delete forever’ button! Oh how the mighty have fallen, since Hear in the Now for me! But for awhile I kept hoping they’d pull their heads out of the 4 points of contacts and turn the amps up to 11 and just shove our noses in it.

    But Tate is a whack job and his voice nauseates me anymore (except when I listen to the EP, Warning, Rage For Order and Operation: Mindcrime.

    Now I need to go find myself a ball peen hammer to get that horrible song out of my head!

  • The Islander

    Every guitarplayer isn’t necessarily a composer. Wilton has some ideas, but he might need someone who can create songs about those ideas and riffs. Also Wilton must be frustrated and I assume that his ideas has been turned down by GT and his “artistic vision” about bands direction. GT has said in the interviews that he even doesn’t like metal anymore. Or something like that. Wilton can write some tunes. Listen what he and Scott Rockenfield have created, google SCD814 Mosh Pit – NuMetal Meltdown and especially track Atered state sounds like Queensrÿche.

  • em

    The band itself is lazy in writing the songs themselves. Well certain members of the band are. Namely guitarist Michael Wilton. He wants the band to write metal and heavy sounding songs but can’t be bothered to it himself. Case in point, their producer Jason Slater opened up on the creative and writing process on Operation:Mindcrime 2. He wrote the majority of the songs on the album and said that most of the tracks were done by himself while the other members of the band weren’t around or were just too lazy to even want to show. Temp guitarist Mike Stone “wrote music” with Slater but it was mostly because he’d show up at the writing sessions while none of the other band members would give them the light of day. Wilton contributed bits of music to 2-3 other songs but not entire finished songs. Slater had to refine them and make them work as songs.

    Now on this album drummer Scott Rockenfield is more active with writing music than he has since at least the band’s 2003 album Tribe. But most of songs are ballads or pop style songs with the exception of one heavy track, At the Edge. Not very productive if you know what I mean. Eddie Jackson wrote one song himself while collaborating on another with producer Kelly Gray who has co-written the majority of the album with other people.

  • meh q-ryche


    “It’s sad that Tate’s voice is toast, while Ronnie James Dio’s rocked to the end.”

    It’s i-RON-ic (lol) that the best song (IMO) on Mindcrime 2, was the song that RONnie James sang on !

    Have to also agree with the reviewer – each new release sucks as much as the last.


  • Queensryche have two cds I can honestly put in my top 20 ever. Rage and Operation Mindcrime. I think the fall started on Empire, while it was a good almost saw the writing on the wall that gone were the radical and alternative days and now we are going more commercial. While Promised Land was a cool surprise..I liked some of Hear in the Now Frontier. It took them what 17 years for that sequel to Operation Mindcrime. No offense to any fan of that cd, but it was utter crap. Take Cover was unreleasable. But, after I listened to the new cd and saw the first video..I can honestly say Take Cover is Empire compared to this. And American Soldier was a wasted opportunity. Get Degarmo, go release that one more Queensryche cd and do a farewell tour and just hang it up. Sad.

  • I completely agree with everything you just said including even the songs that rocked and sucked (sadly). At one point, they were easily one of my favorite bands. And, by the way, Take Cover was horrible.

  • Graciespoppy

    It truly breaks my heart. Ever since Hear In The Now Frontier, I have been sorely disappointed by a band I loved so much. From great song like The Lady Wore Black, Deliverence and Roads To Madness to crap like Sign Of The Times, Wot Kinda Man and Desert Dance. Ugh! What’s worse is that they teased me and lead me on. Q2K had three songs I really enjoyed, especially The Right Side of My Mind. Mindcrime 2 got my hopes up that they were going back in the right direction, which lead us to Take Cover, an album you can’t pay me to pick up.

    It’s sad that Tate’s voice is toast, while Ronnie James Dio’s rocked to the end.