Metal Review – Nociceptor – Among Insects (2011)

Nociceptor - Among InsectsAmong Insects is the latest release from technical death metal band Nociceptor. This new EP features two re-recorded songs from Nociceptor’s debut which demonstrates a newer and more polished sound than in their debut. With this release, you can also notice a more mature sound from Nociceptor which is something that I am very eager to hear from them. The Dallas-based outfit remains relatively unknown although they have been around for the better part of six years.

To me, Nociceptor sounds like a Meshuggah wanna be band, so that is not good news for me as I am not much of a Meshuggah fan. I will give Nociceptor credit for adding more technicality to their sound, but outside of some of the riffs, which can be sweet at times, I cannot get into the melodic moments with the clean vocals. At that point, they start to sound like everything that is wrong with metal. Believe me, I do not fault people for liking the bands which I do not like because any metal fan is a good metal fan. I love that the genre continues to expand with these new entries into the genre, but I am just not a fan of a lot of what these bands do.

So, I guess that this becomes an impartial review at this point, but I do have some positives to say though, so it is not all bad. At times, the riffs are well worth the price of admission and the raspy vocals are pretty solid. Like I said, not all bad. My main concerns are the clean parts and the technical parts which are way over the top technical parts for the sake of being technical. We know you can play. I got that part.

Overall, if this subgenre of metal is your cup of tea, go for it. You will probably love Among Insects. For me, I am not sold yet though.