Metal Review – Icon In Me – Head Break Solution (2011)

Icon In Me - Head Break SolutionHead Break Solution is the third release from Icon In Me and it is no less relenting than anything that has previously been recorded by them. In the metalcore / nu metal genre of metal, you can pretty much expect what you are getting from them. I have also seen them labeled as modern metal, but I will be honest, that is a new one to me.

While not providing anything new to the metal community, Icon In Me is not all bad. The drum work is solid and the guitar riffs are good, albeit very predictable as is the songwriting. I can see fans of this subgenre of metal really getting into it, but it is not my cup of tea. It is tolerable to listen to, but the vocals never worked for me, so I had trouble connecting to the music.

The production values of the release are nice and I would not mind checking Icon In Me out live as I am sure that it would make for a decent show.

Head Break Solution Track Listing:
01. Suicide World (intro)
02. Wasted Ways
03. Face It
04. The Quest
05. Un-Slaved
06. Lost for Nothing
07. Flood Kills
08. Nuclear Drama
09. Tired and Broken
10. Through the Sights
11. Aspects of the Unknown
12. Solid Child

Icon In Me Lineup:
Tony JJ – Vocals (ex-MNEMIC touring vocalist)
Konstantin – Bass
Artyom Sherbakov – Guitar
D. Frans – Guitar