Metal Review – Hrizg – Inferno (2011)

Hrizg - InfernoI barely got a chance to enjoy Hrizg’s previous release from this year, Anthems to Decrepitude, and they are already back with their new mini-album, Inferno. I cannot really complain though, since I enjoyed Anthems to Decrepitude quite a bit. Spanish black metal band Hrizg bring us their brand of black metal which stays true to a lot of the classic black metal bands. This is the way that the black metal masters intended black metal to be played.

Inferno is broken up into five short chapters, each of which is worthy of its placement on this release. Inferno I – The Awakening is a classic black metal sounding score that sets the table for the next four platters. Inferno II – To Yield Below the Frozen Sky opens with some progression, but quickly turns back into our good old fashion black metal that we are accustomed to. The vocal melodies are haunting.

Inferno III – Shadowshield is the third helping on this release and opens with everything we would expect from Hrizg with more solid riffwork and more haunting vocals. We are introduced to some tempo changes on this one fit in at the perfect moment.

Inferno IV – Ars Goetia opens with a hypnotic riff which leads into a slow, grueling melody with its dark brooding message pounded down our throats. The chanting background vocals add more depth to this track

Inferno V – Conqueror of this Wooden Abyss closed out this black metal album just the way that it should. We begin with a storm which leads into some clean guitar work and then quickly into a galloping riff straight into the verse. This is one of my favorite tracks on the album after only a few listens.

All in all, Hrizg keeps impressing me and Inferno, albeit put together quickly, does not sound like it was. It sounds like Hrizg has their goals in mind and are just carrying them out. I would suggest Hrizg’s Inferno to any black metal fan without any reservations.