Metal Review – Heretoir – Heretoir (2011)

Heretoir - HeretoirHeretoir is a young German depressive / post-black metal project that has already created quite a stir in the underground with just an EP, so at the prospect of a full-length release, we were already looking for something special. Let me be the first to say that this release is everything that we have been waiting for and more. With a few bands leading this post-black movement, Heretoir, along with Alcest, is one of the bands that I am looking forward to seeing what they bring us. The tones of this album are perfectly suited for this movement.

Each track weaves in and out perfectly and is crafted with such attention to detail that you are in for a rare treat when you listen to it. Taking some nods from the classic black metal bands and throwing in such beautiful clean sections, they are almost a post-black metal version of Opeth with a more mainstream black metal approach to vocals.

From the albums first song proper, Fatigue, you pretty much have the tone of album is just over seven minutes. Each section of this track is crafted perfectly and leave you zoning out and imagining winter wastelands while enjoying this piece. The melodic moments are sensible and the vocals are sharp and raspy. The guitars never seem to stop and you wish the song would go on for another seven minutes.

Retreat to Hibernate takes the intro right off of an Opeth album. The clean guitar work is done so well and even when the crunchy distortion kicks in, the track is still so mellow that you just sit back and daydream to this one. There are some parts that are so climactic in this track that I am absolutely hooked on it.

0 is the next track, but that only serves as an introduction to the all-out black metal piece, Weltschmerz. Coming in at just under eight minutes, Weltschmerz is a feast for the ears with so many great parts to it. The opening gives an almost post-rock vibe while maintaining true to their post-black metal sound. Once the vocals enter, you are all in and loving this track.

Graue Bauten is a melancholy track filled with despair and even a little hope. It is a solid track, but one of my least favorites on the album. That is not really a knock on the track though.

After the brief The Escape – Part II, we have To Follow the Sun which comes at us with a nice progressive introduction right into clean vocals. This is more of a post-rock track, but is very fun.

To close the album out, we have the title track, Heretoir. Once the clean section ends and the song begins, it becomes the perfect conclusion to an album that has really left its mark with me.

Overall, the album is very solid, but predictable in places. I would have no reservations suggesting this album to anyone who is a fan of Alcest as this is not much off of that beaten track.

Heretoir Track Listing
1. The Escape – Part I – 01:40
2. Fatigue – 07:17
3. Retreat to Hibernate – 06:40
4. 0 – 01:14
5. Weltschmerz – 07:56
6. Graue Bauten – 06:08
7. The Escape – Part II – 02:13
8. To Follow the Sun – 07:08
9. Heretoir – 10:24