Metal Review – Heavenwood – Abyss Masterpiece (2011)

Heavenwood - Abyss MasterpieceFormed in 1992 under the name Disgorged, Heavenwood quickly established themselves as one of the most important Portuguese bands, alongside of Moonspell. Despite the tragedy that struck them when their former bassist committed suicide in 1995, Heavenwood signed to Massacre Records and released two albums in the late half of the 1990’s. Diva and Swallow sold more than 40.000 copies worldwide and put Heavenwood in sucessful European tours with bands such as Atrocity, In Flames, Theatre Of Tragedy and Lake Of Tears, among others.

Now, when I hear of a band compared to Moonspell, I have to give them a good listen. While Heavenwood is not a clone of Moonspell, they do have some of their tendencies. From the first track, The Arcadia Order, I feared the worst. They began to sound like a Nightwish clone, and we have already heard too many bands cloning Nightwish. I never need another one of those again. After getting by the first track, I realized that Heavenwood is by no means a Nightwish clone either.

Heavenwood is a thoughtful, melodic band with tendencies that range from melodic death metal to death metal to gothic metal to progressive metal. They truly are a layered, complex band that has plenty to offer and Abyss Masterpiece, which by no means a masterpiece, is a very solid release that expresses their art is a great manner.

The tracks are rather complex with splashes of a little of everything in them. One of my favorite tracks on the album is Morning Glory Clouds, which is a very catchy song and is well worth many listens. Once A Burden is another track that hit me on the first listen and made me want to revisit it many more times.

Overall, the album is very sold and worth your time and attention, so check it out.

Track Listing
1.The Arcadia Order
2.Fading Sun
3.Like Yesterday
4.Winter Slave
5.September Blood
6.Sudden Scars
7.A Poem For Matilde
9.Once A Burden
10.Goddess Presiding Over Solitude
11.Morning Glory Clouds
12.Her Lament