Metal Review – Harm’s Way – Isolation (2011)

Harms Way - IsolationHailing from the Windy City, Chicago, comes the metallic hardcore band Harm’s Way with their latest full-length release, Isolation, which will hit the streets in July. Following up their No Gods No Masters 7″ EP, Harm’s Way brings you an album chock full of some hardcore metal goodness with lots of highs and lows, the highs being many of the riffs. The lows being pretty much everthing else.

I am by no means a hardcore enthusiast, or at least what is getting passed on to us as hardcore these days. I am all for some good old fashioned hardcore, but this new breed of hardcore just does not do it for me. I find myself getting into some of these releases for a listen or two, but then never finding my way back to them for one reason of another. Isolation will end up being the same exact thing for me. It is nice for a few listens, but it tires quickly and does not really offer much after that.

I am not trying to sound like a music snob, but for something to stick with me these days, it needs to have some hooks or something to keep me intrigued. I get too many releases passing by my desk, so something needs to click with me quickly. Harm’s Way’s latest effort was good for a few listens, but I will never feel intrigued to put it in again. That is not to say that it is bad. It is just not for me.

Following-up their “No Gods No Masters” 7″ EP, released by Closed Casket Activities last year, the label is now prepared to drop HARM’S WAY’s second album, Isolation, marking the label’s twentieth release to date. Recorded with Andy Nelson of Weekend Nachos at Bricktop Studios, Isolation’s eight crushing tracks pound the listener with immense hardcore breakdowns, mournful harmonies, and an utterly menacing vocal delivery, captured with slick modern metal production. The album will be set loose on the general public on July 5th, and will be made available in CD, LP and digital formats.

IsolationTrack Listing:
01 Scrambled
02 Timing
03 Isolation
04 Breeding Grounds
05 Becoming
06 New Beginnings
07 Slither
08 Pretender

While a new name to most, HARM’S WAY will likely soon be a household staple for those who seek thunderous hardcore and mosh-heavy metallic brutality. The band have toured heavily throughout the U.S. over the past year with the likes of Foundation, Backtrack, Xibalba, Expire and Venia, and also threw down throughout Europe alongside Nails and Rise and Fall last year. HARM’S WAY have also made appearances at hardcore festivals such as Sound and Fury, Rain Fest, and United Blood.

Stay tuned for more news on Isolationas it nears release, as well as HARM’S WAY Summer tour plans including an official announcement in mere days on the band’s upcoming East Coast U.S./Canadian tour alongside Foundation and Rotting Out.