Metal Review – Entrenched – Preemptive Strike (2011)

Entrenched - Preemptive StrikeEntrenched is an unsigned, New Jersey based death metal outfit that has been together since 2009. Preemptive Strike is their debut release and was self released. I popped this one in not knowing what to expect in any way and more than pleasantly surprised. From the outset, the intro, aptly titled Intro, hit me like a ton of bricks. The production values are excellent and the music is way above average. With some nods to some classic death metal band, their arsenal consists of solid, fat guitar tracks, massive blastbeats thrown in all around and solid vocals.

Intro, like I previously mentioned, set the tone for the album perfectly with some great riffs. Bred to Kill was another great track where we are introduced to the band’s vocals. I was happy to see that the vocals were on par with the music. The riffs are intense and the blast beats just come at you full force. There is no letdown on this track. It is brutal (in a good way).

The following track, ICBM, is another riffwork clinic with some punk infused riffs and the standard death metal riffs. There is an even a nice solo thrown in for good measure. Landbrecher 666 comes at you next with an even more brutal assault. Another solid solo is thrown in and the chorus has a catchy feel to it. This track comes at you at breakneck speed at times with some great tempo changes throughout the track.

Frenzied Amputation comes at you next. While this is a good song, it did not do too much for me like the other previous tracks did. It has more punk infused riffs and some multiple vocals. It even throws some nice riffs in throughout the track for good measure, but just did not resonate with me as well as the previous tracks. Anesthetic Death is the next track, and the beginning has a crunchy melodic riff into a classic metal-styled riff. I felt like I was listening to old Judas Priest for a second, but then the death metal came shining through. This is more of a melodic death metal track and I am really into it.

Burnt and Destroyed has a raw sound to it and comes at you full death metal style. Tooth and Nail comes at you next, and no, this is not Dokken. This track is hyperspeed blastbeats at their finest with solid riff and solid riff. Dropping the Tsar Bomb is a fitting end to this aural assault with a perfect summation to the madness that we just experienced.

Entrenched emerged from the trenches of New Jersey when Sean and Charles started jamming together in September 2009. Once songs started being written nonchalance turned into brutality par excellence. Like munitions manufactured in times of war; riff after riff, song after song, Entrenched wrote with skill, passion and precision. The recording campaign of the first full length began in November 2009 and carried on into the spring of 2010. It was recorded in Charles’ subterranean command bunker and nothing but perfection was acceptable. After a lengthy recruiting campaign and one conscription, Entrenched enlisted Michael Mullins to perform some additional solos. The album was finished and mixed in August 2010 and was mastered by Alan Douches at WWSM. The first Entrenched record is now prepared for deployment and is ready to be unleashed upon mankind. Look out for Entrenched in the year 2011.

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