Metal Review – Diabolical – Ars Vitae (2011)

Diabolical - Ars Vitae (2011)Diabolical is yet another Swedish death metal band, and one that we have not heard from in a little while. The album “Ars Vitae” is a mix of new material and live cuts, both of which are pretty strong. Diabolical has always been a band very tough to label. They are not melodic enough to be melodic death metal, but are not really as aggressive enough to be typical death metal. They have some progressive metal elements, but are surely not progressive metal. Regardless of how you want to label them, they are a strong band and Ars Vitae is a strong release.

I have been revisiting this album for weeks now, which is not all that typical for me with new releases. I always want to check out the album a little more. The live tracks are produced exceptionally well and the studio tracks are as strong as ever. While this will not be a top release of 2011 for me, it is definitely in the group of albums that I would have no shame in recommending to people, especially to fans of death metal.

For 15 years already, DIABOLICAL have caused confusion among the narrow-minded, constantly progressing, refusing to do the expected. Already with their early efforts “Deserts of Desolation” (mini album, 2000) and “Synergy” (2001) DIABOLICAL stood out as something different from the death metal bands coming up at the time, representing something unwilling to be categorized easily.

01. Ortus
02. Sightless 6
03. Infvitabile Fatvm
04. Eye
05. Rcs – ? live
06. The Gallery of Bleeding Art – live
07. Ashes II – live
08. The One Who Bleeds – live
09. Under My Skin – live
10. Vertigo – live
11. Extinction – live
12. Children of the Mushroom Cloud – live
13. Suicidal Glory – live
14. Ashes
15. Guidance of Sin
16. Deserts
17. The Dreaming Dead