Metal Review – Debauchery – Germany’s Next Death Metal (2011)

Debauchery - Germany's Next Death MetalJudging by everything that this band is about, I should really not be into them. I am not one that enjoys metal that is more tongue-in-cheek than serious. I can get into some stuff from bands like Gwar and Lordi, etc., but I barely ever listen to them anymore. Debauchery is more of a death rock and roll band than a death metal band, but the vocals are death metal-style vocals (not too shabby vocals I might add) and some of the riffs are very death metal influenced.

Thomas Debauchery
The artwork you see above, as well as the album title, is a pun on the German TV show ‘Germany’s Next Top Model,’ hosted by Heidi Klum. This show itself is a spin-off of ‘America’s Next Top Model.’ To take the pun even further, Thomas Gurrath posed with a couple of Playmates for the album inlay. You can check out that image below.

Thomas Gurrath
This German death rock band is releasing Germany’s Next Death Metal on June 14 via AFM Records and it is a release that you should take note of. From the opening track, The Unbroken, you see the strange mix that they are bringing to the table. You almost have some southern rock flavorings going on, but once the song proper hits, you can see where the death metal influences come in.

After the opening track, the songs only get better. Each song brings something to the table and they are all fun as hell. I honestly have no complaints about any of the tracks. I have no idea how long this album will hold up for me, but I can tell you that I am having a lot of fun with it right now, so that it enough for me.

Set for release on June 14 via AFM Records, Germany’s Next Death Metal, the seventh album from Germany death rock outfit DEBAUCHERY, is designed to serve as a middle finger to today’s mass media.

DEBAUCHERY creator Thomas Gurrath is already notorious throughout the European metal media for constantly unveiling gory cover artwork and incessant stripping blood-soaked women and incorporating porno video clips to his live sets. Blood and tits: this is the obvious concept through the eyes of Gurrath, and that blatantly shows through on Germany’s Next Death Metal,which surges with both death metal and arena rock influences simultaneously over the course of this latest DEBAUCHERY public service announcement.

1. The Unbroken – 06:13
2. Zombie Blitzkrieg – 03:22
3. Warmachines At War – 04:10
4. Animal Holocaust – 03:59
5. Bloodslaughter Onslaught – 04:41
6. Germany’s Next Death Metal – 04:59
7. School Shooter – 04:22
8. Death Will Entertain – 03:32
9. Armed For Apocalypse – 03:51
10. Genocider Overkill – 03:15
11. Killing Is Our Culture – 04:06
12. School’s Out (Alice Cooper cover) – 03:34