Metal Review – Autopsy – Macabre Eternal (2011)

Autopsy - Macabre EternalAutopsy is back after a short break… well okay, it has been 15 years. Are they are sick as ever? Well, of course they are. With their latest effort, Macabre Eternal, the howls of death and agony are still as sick as ever and the music flows like blood on this release. It is great to see that the band still feels the same and can still bring the metal the way they always have.

Released on Peaceville Records at the end of May of 2011, the original trio of Chris Reifert, Danny Coralles & Eric Cutler joined by Joe Trevisano of Abscess/Von on bass are back to bring you their unique style of metal. Autopsy triumphantly and officially returned from the grave after a 15 year hiatus with the 2010 EP, ‘The Tomb Within’, which delighted both critics and fans alike. Macabre Eternal is their first full-length foray back into the metal world (or at least as the original band Autopsy).

With 12 tracks of sickened death metal, Macabre Eternal is a feast on the ears with solid riffwork and vocals. They still bring that familiar groove to some tracks like Bludgeoned Brained while bringing straight on death metal on a lot of the other tracks on the album. The album is not for the feint of heart though, so if you are not accustomed to Autopsy’s previous work, this release may not be for you, but if you were wondering if they are still up to their old tricks, oh yes they are.

“We’ve brewed up the sickest and heaviest material that our rotten souls could possibly spew forth, and we are confident that it’s our best stuff yet. The EP was a taste of what’s to come, but now it’s time for the full assault from beyond the grave.
The album will contain no repeated EP tracks, no re-recorded old songs, no triggered trickery, and nothing less than the pure death metal brutality that Autopsy has always delivered.”
-Chris Reifert