Killer Yacht Party review

Plot-Originally titled Dead in the Water and released in 2006 very limited, but thanks to Troma it is now re named and re released. This film starts off with two friends, Jane and Monica. Monica is this supposedly super hot woman, and Jane is this not so hot friend ( note to anyone..she is not ugly, she almost looks like Zoey Dushanel meets Ugly Betty) they go to a club and thru this experience Monica meets club owner Brock who invites her and Jane on this yacht party he is throwing. And of course, Monica has a stalker, Brock rips off someone who thinks they were bro’s and then all these other people invited to the club on the sea. People start dying and soon, we have to think of who could be doing it? And when the person Brock fucks over, sneaks on the boat and not only is Brock’s latest conquest Monica on this trip but so is his girlfriend. Sailing the seas of Troma…

Review-Kudos to Troma for taking chances. From Chainsaw Sally, to a few small movies that have sat on the shelf for years. And of course, you know Debbie Rachon and Lloyd are in the intro. This one was a little bit funnier than the bit on Eyes of a Chameleon. Rachon to me, is an acquired taste whether it is this 2 minute bit or her acting. Kaufman for all of us die hards can do no wrong. But, and this is a bad but…he will put the Troma label on almost anything. And this is a sad example. This film is 83 minutes of pure boredom. It takes almost 50 minute to get to a kill. This film felt like Troma lite. The lighting in certain scenes was horrible, and the acting was ” basic cable local art house 5th grade”. With Eyes of the Chameleon and Blood Junkie you seen that Troma wanted to be more smaller than indie, and those films were at least watchable. This film, I have no clue who the intended audience for this is? And the ending of this film absolutely threw me in a loop and not in a good way, in a way of are you fucking kidding me? What a lame payoff.

I love Troma and I applaud them for at least taking chances with some of these smaller movies but in the end, a bad film is a bad film. And yes I know, when companies send me stuff they are basically asking me to help them get the word out. And I am sure that when they see a bad review they feel as this is some kind of betrayal. ” Who is he to talk shit about our film, what the fuck has James DePaolo done”. I hate shitting on films and giving out bad reviews esp. to companies that are nothing but amazing to me. But, as a fan if I sat watching this film and it got to the 40 minute mark and nothing is happening and the paint is drying..and a reviewer is lying to me saying this film is amazing, I would never listen to them again and know the company had something to do with it. Who knows someone may like this…I am just not that someone. If you need your Troma fix..Chainsaw Sally Season One is amazing and is marked pretty affordable, and you should experience this. Or go old school..Toxie, Sgt, Terror Firmer, Tromeo and Juliet..and etc..there is such an amazing library…I loved that Lloyd at least gave it a shot and released the film.

1 out of 10